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Bloody Idiots

Scott Newman
Scott Newman
If You Drink & Drive You're A Bloody Idiot.

Something needs to change with the way the government punishes drunk drivers in New Zealand.  The Law needs to get tougher. Don't you think there needs to be a better way to put repeat offenders off the roads?

It makes me angry to think of how many people are out there right now who do not give a damn about driving after having too many alcoholic drinks and not care at all about the consequences.  We see on the television brutally vivid advertisements of what happens. This is not enough.

I ask, do you know anyone who has lost their friend or family member in a drunk driving related accident. I am not surprised that many of us are answering yes. I have. This is where we need to find a way to stop and say no to people who drink and drive. KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

When going out with the intention to have more than a couple then don't bother taking a vehicle or park it in a safe place overnight. It is common sense. It is all too easy to think that you will not be caught if you make a stupid decision to drive as the point is you are risking not just your own life but everyone else's as well.

We need to seriously take into account repeat offenders who do not learn from the mistake of driving under the influence and stop them from driving again. I do not think you can be allowed to be such a risk to society more than twice. Once is too much (granted) but I like to believe that people are offered a second chance.

Question: Are we drinking too much, being too reckless in our approach to get home?

Answer: Drinking undeniably is a big social aspect of our country. Take a look at the soap Shortland Street, count how many episodes you see a bar or drinking (drinking culture) Advertisements, some of our favourite ads are for beer (Tui, Lion Red, Export Gold etc...) These are some examples just from television. It is the way that we think about how we are getting home or who is going to SOBER drive that needs to be sharp. (I do mean Sober!)

It can't be that hard. If you think you have had too much then don't even consider driving. People get tired when they have had a lot to drink (I know I do) the risks are way too great. I have lost a friend. You too may end up losing someone.  I really hope those people out there who are thinking of getting away with it or who regularly get away with drinking and driving realise that it is not only crime but can lead to loss of life.

If you know someone who does drink & drive. Please don't turn a blind eye. It needs to stop.

Repeat offenders need to have a three strike and out for good.  Driving suspension to be mandatory on second offenders, diversion, fines, licence or vehicle removed. Stronger penalties of imprisonment. (If caught again)

But it ultimately comes down to the responsibility of all of us that when we drink we do not drive! Make the roads a safer place for everyone.

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