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Bring Back Sunrise

Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee

“Viewers should not be afraid of their television networks. Television networks should be afraid of their viewers.”

That was somewhat bastardised from V for Vendetta, but I think it’s appropriate here.

Mediaworks announced today that TV 3’s breakfast show, Sunrise, has been axed. This has lead to outrage, confusion and downright disbelief, and appeals from fans, who have started an online petition to Bring Back Sunrise

Clearly, I’m not sitting on the fence with this one. Sunrise is very much a part of my daily routine, and I for one definitely won’t be leaving the house with a smile on my face watching the other channel. I like the presenters, am engaged by the content, and have a secret (or not) crush on Josh. It's a part of why I get up in the morning, no pun intended.

I believe very much in the power of the people, and considering that numerous shows in the US have been saved by online appeals, I’m giving it a go.

There are a lot of reasons why Sunrise shouldn’t go, but here are the ones I managed to come up with while sitting in a state of shock- what do you think? Should Sunrise stay or go?

·         Mediaworks are replacing Sunrise with Magnum P.I. Again. Magnum. P.I.

·         The Sunrise rapport makes a bigger impact than The Paul Henry Show.

·         The presenters were told this morning as they came off air, and only get one hour to say goodbye tomorrow morning- for that poor management alone they should get their jobs back- as well as the ten seconds dedicated to it in the 3 News. Minimising a potential uprising, anyone?

·         The demographic for TV 3's Sunrise differs from TV 1's Breakfast’s and should be taken into consideration. I would imagine in the 18-35 age range Sunrise would beat Breakfast or be in close competition, rather than looking at 18-49.

·         ASB Business is going too- there sure ain’t a Michael Wilson equivalent on TV One.

·         Sunrise provides stories on interesting topics and brings on thought provoking, informed individuals, and the day they don’t the individual ends up starting a new nationwide saying.  (“My argument is so powerful it’s not necessary to talk about it- Rick Giles)

·         Who else can have a dog in the studio and have said dog become a national celebrity?

·         Carly Flynn got to meet Tyra Banks- Tyra Banks likes Sunrise!

·         Oliver Driver interviews strongly without resorting to shock jock tactics.

·         John Key is on weekly- less of a forum for the Prime Minister to be asked the hard questions.

·         Carly, Oliver, Rod, Josh, Michael and Sascha provide entertaining television both as individuals and as a team. They are funny, can read each other well and keep the viewer wanting to watch. Plus, who else is can be on a first name basis with their viewers?

·         Carly and Sascha created national headlines with their respective pregnancies- would a show no one cares about generate such huge interest in the presenters?

·         Google Sunrise under the New Zealand filter for “Sunrise TV3”, you get 23,000 results. Enter in “Breakfast TV1” you get 3950. Perhaps Sunrise’s audience demographic appeals to a different market than Breakfast’s- which has been Sunrise’s format all along? Who researched this decision and do they understand anything about a target audience?

·         Have you noticed how many of the news pieces throughout the day and on the 6pm news come from Sunrise? TV3’s current affairs reputation will drop without Sunrise’s contributions, which means that the close margin between One News and 3 News viewers will widen, and not in TV 3's favour.

 Good decision, Mediaworks.

Bring back Sunrise. I’m not going to be watching a lot of TV 3 without it.

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