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Business Partnership vs. Teen Relationship

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Eva Maria
Eva Maria

A few weeks ago, I found a fantastic blog online:

The 10 Rules to Crating a Win-Win-Winning Partnership

I was intrigued.

I love win-win situations! Heck, that’s what my entire book’s based on!
So I started reading...

And the more I got into it, the more I realized:
Adults do so much business, that they must be the best parents!

So today, I would love to show you how on the basis of many,many advice-pieces people write everywhere about building relationships and partnerships in business, is absolutely applicable to building the same mutual relationships with a teenager!

So I hope there will be no more bad business-parents! You all know the rules! Just remember – you follow these to get a positive deal, so use them at home to get a positive relationship with someone who is actually worth more than money!

So here we go...I picked out the best ones to bring to your attention:

Business Tip: You need to look for individuals who have value systems just like your own.
Teen Tip: A teenager is your mirror. Teach them values that are important to you.

Business Tip: You need to approach the marketing of your partnership in complimentary ways to effectively market your shared vision together.
Teen Tip: If an approach doesn’t work, try again. The best solution is to compromise. That means taking our thoughts into account, mixing it with yours, and making a happy potion that will make us all dance around holding hands because we both ended up with something good.

Business Tip: You need to identify individuals and organizations that have products and services that are complimentary to yours, regardless of their company size.
Teen Tip: #4 Even though we’re shorter and younger than you, we are still your teenagers. By the way, you can ask us to help you sometimes, you know...

Business Tip: You have to have a compelling reason why you are a worthy partner.
Teen Tip: We live in a world where we are fed ‘Santa’ myths every day since the say we were born. Always have a reason for your decisions, especially when that decision has something to do
with us. Otherwise we will keep asking ‘But why?’ for the next 2 hours. Just tell us the reason straight up. And if you haven’t got one, at least be honest about it.

Business Tip: Every partnership needs a clear mutually agreed upon plan and follow up.
Teen Tip: See how important compromise is?

Business Tip: Expect to date before you get married
Teen Tip: Improved, better, or good relationships with teens don’t grow on trees, and don’t get carved out in a day. It’ll take some time. But it’ll be worth it.

What do you think? Can we apply the same rules in parenting teens, as we do in building lasting business relationships?

**All Business Tips credited completely to Lisa Canning and her blog HERE

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