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Cancel Queen - A New Mothers Diary

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Rebekah Joy
Rebekah Joy

Before I had my son, I couldn't fathom what all those mothers out there were doing. Babies! Bah! They sleep, shit (excuse my French but a mountain of it gives me good reason) and cry, what possible reason could my friends with babies have for being late? for being so distracted? for cancelling? There was no reason to leave me waiting for so long in the cold. This weird cancel club was never going to happen to me. No way! The baby was going to sleep and then I was going to do my writing, photography, a bit of painting and whip up gourmet meals with the rest of my left over time. People gave me advice - mostly my mother ("you'll find out" was the most common) but I never belived.

Ten weeks on.

I no longer wear make-up. I had the dreadlocks cut out of my hair last week. I barely leave the house and when I do its ugg boots all the way. I have cancelled, postponed and exited nearly every appointment I have made. My best friend and nearly the only person I have to talk to is the baby and even he gets mad at me when I accidently sleep through play time. The gourmet dinners are out of a can or burnt, writing is in snatches and painting? bah, not unless Im planning to paint with what comes out of the never ending nappy pile.

So this blog is for all my dear friends who I never see anymore, for all the people I have cancelled on, hung up on or not made it. The old excuse "sorry its another growth spurt" may sound hollow but as you see me driving away amongst bellows and screams, please know that I did indeed find out!

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