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Check Your Emotional IQ - Dating for Men in New Zealand

Rosie Bowie
Rosie Bowie

Anyone man interested in successful dating would - or should - know that one of the factors that will place him ahead of many of his rivals is sharing his partner's emotions.

New Zealand's dating scene is no different from most others in most respects, with most men saying that women can be difficult to understand.


But in order to establish a good relationship, a good degree of emphathy is also necessary. 

The interesting thing in many relationships, according a recent report from Harvard Medical School research project is that women are - let's be very careful here! - not dissatisfied when their male partner is experiencing a negative emotion.

Now that's not saying women are happy when their male friends are unhappy, but it's saying that

The Harvard researchers studied nearly 160 couples in committed relationships and they researched recent arguments, picking on both negative and postive emotions expressed by each partner. 

In the relationships where men understood their female partner's feelings of being upset, the overall relationship satisfaction was higher.  And this applied even when the guy got it wrong!

Fact is, women like men to share and understand their emotions. 

This showed something the researchers called "emotional engagement".  You could also call it empathy, or being insightful, or even emotionally mature.

Whatever you call it, I know from my experiences with the New Zealand dating scene through Matchcompany that a man who is in touch with his own emotions almost invariably is far better placed to establish a successful, long term relationship.

So give yourself an 'emotional' check.  Be honest.  And if you find you need a bit of a talk about how you can improve your emotional IQ, then give us a call at Matchcompany.

And see our brand new website too.  We'd love to hear your feedback - especially men interested in some great New Zealand dating opportunities we have.

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