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Confused About Body Image?

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

Ever noticed how popular Women’s Magazines often follow sections like “Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets Revealed!”, “Diet Tips of the Stars!” and “Get your Buff Beach Bikini Bod!” by recipes for “Creamy Puff Cream Puffs!” and “Chocolatey Chocolate Caramel Caramels

One minute you’re reading how many squats to do before you can rock your summer frock. You’ve just figured out how many pineapples you need to inhale before you get boobs like Carmen Electra… and then you turn the page and there’s a life-sized picture of cheesecake in your face with an easy-peasy step-by-step recipe. What the hell is going on?CAKE!

Sure you want to look good - we all do. But if you blindly swallow all the mixed messages out there, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You can’t please everybody. Think about it… Hugh Hefner wants us to be blonde - but Chinese shampoo wants to make our hair “black and shiny.” Sunset Tan wants us to be brown - but the KKK wants us to be white. “Pro-ana” followers endorse wasting away in an obsessive state of “thin-spiration” - while in Latin America you can buy padded underwear to make your ass look bigger. And The Beach Boys wish we could all be Californian Girls. But we can’t. We just can’t. Then celebrities will tell you (despite their world-class team of make-up artists, dieticians, personal trainers, stylists, plastic surgeons and beauty therapists) that the key to sexiness is confidence. Because that is obviously their secret.

Many women refer to glossy glamorous magazines as Bibles - and man, I love reading that rabble too. Succulent headlines such as “How to attract your Soulmate!” “What he really thinks about your weight” “Sexy moves to drive him wild!” and “What he really wants!” have us clambering to please others or find ways to change our behaviour to get what we want. Well, at least for a couple of pages, because then comes the girl-power babble, usually running along the lines of “who cares what you look like, you’re an independent woman who doesn’t even need a man, you might as well sleep around because it’s fabulous, and every body type is beautiful… by the way, did you know you can create sexy, smouldering, bedroom eyes TONIGHT!”Let it all hang out

If you’re confused, that’s good. That means you’ll stay interested in the media, keeping abreast of the latest word, so the advertisers and publishers can laugh all the way to the bank. If you’re amused, that’s better. The truth is, you are who you are. Whatever you put on, take off, suck in, push out, inject or (gross) eject, there you are. When it comes to beauty secrets and body image, you can pick your poison. Or just ignore the bollocks.

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