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Crappy Nappy - A New Mothers Diary

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Rebekah Joy
Rebekah Joy

I almost gave up after the first week. I looked at the clock, 2.23am. I looked at my partner snoring away. Four and a half hours until he woke up. As I lay in the sticky tar Meconium (the very first baby crap) that covered the bed, the sheets and part of my pillowcase, I wondered what had possessed me to insist on cloth nappies. I kept pondering the thought as I lay in it until my beloved’s alarm went off (four and a half hours later). I just didn’t want to wake him. The problem did not lie with the nappy but in my ignorance of them. I had put him in a medium and was barely a small. Hence the sticky stuff that oozed out of the leg holes and all over me. The only other fatality we had was when my sister-in-laws mother tried to make some herself. To her credit they were very professional looking nappys but they weren't made out of the right materials. The trial run was a disaster and I dont know what happened to the other five or six that she had made.

Before baby (how I refer to life now), I had bought a selection of nappies off trademe (I didn’t realise that you could hire trial pocket nappies). I bided and lost on quite a few until eventually securing seven second hand nappies. I mistakenly thought how prepared I was. Apparently this new breed of super nappy is referred to as 'pocket nappy'. The ones I bought were made from cord, microfleece, fluff and PUL (whatever that is) super fabrics. There were domes and Velcro and all kinds of snaps and buttons. I read the various instructions. Do not wash with other items, do not use laundry powder, use a bicarbonate soda and vinegar wash, blah blah this was high tec stuff. Not how my mother knew nappies (but then again she had stabbed me with a nappy pin right through my stomach). I just had to wait and see how they would old up.

There are some women who never use a single nappy, they do it by holding te baby over the toilet everytime he needs to go, but that is far too much dedication to this shattered new mum.

Ten weeks on.

I now have over twenty nappies. Seven in a New Zealand winter just didn’t cut the mustard (the mustard poo anyway). I used to wash them separately as instructed but now bundle them in with the other three loads I do a day. I used to use soap nuts (organic washing nuts) but it didn’t remove the pissy smell, so now I dump that powder in and they still seem to be fine.

We found a brand we liked. Made in Australia, Peapods. We like the domes, don’t like Velcro (kept finding crap in amongst the piles). We have enough now and they are great. They aren’t that much harder than disposables and appeal to my environmental senses and my partners 'tight' side.

I’m glad I stuck it out even if it meant I had to lie in that sticky tar stuff. If your organised pocket nappies are great, cheap and leave a softer footprint on your new baby’s world.


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