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Dating For Men And The Questions They Might (Or Should) Ask

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Rosie Bowie
Rosie Bowie

Dating for men is a topic that comes up repeatedly because, it seems, men are less inclined to 'seek dating help', if I can put it that way.

Certainly men have no problem handling online dating, but for those who come to our agency seeking specific assistance, sometimes because of time pressures, sometimes because of bad online experiences, they will often display some factors that may surprise some women.

For instance, many men who come to us will do so saying something to the effect that they are meeting the "wrong sort" of women or that women are expecting too much of them.

This raises a number of questions, one of which is that men need to "take charge" a little more. Too often, they are unsure of both who they might be looking for and who they are themselves. Let me explain. The fact is many men looking for women to date will be using their lower regions rather than their heads to guide them towards someone who might be able to sustain a long-term relationship successfully. Believe me, women can sense that very quickly and will use their sexuality to manipulate men, explicitly or more subtly.

Second, men fail to look at themselves and what they offer the woman. They tend to assume that women will fall over themselves because there is a 'man shortage' or because they're 'desperate'. Well, they shouldn't be so quick.

But mostly, men will enter the dating business thinking they know it all. There is a degree of science, not a science degree, that can help guide men towards successful dating and having someone help them in the process is what we can do.

This week we have our mid-winter Christmas parties in Christchurch (Friday) and Wellington (Saturday). If men who are serious about finding long term relationships are keen to come and meet some lovely ladies in a great setting then I would ask them to contact me through the website and I will provide selected men a complimentary entry to either cocktail party.

Believe me, it can be worth it. 

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