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Dating myths that prevent you finding a suitable partner

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Rosie Bowie
Rosie Bowie

So what would you consider the three myths about dating that might prevent you finding love again?

Let me tell you three key myths about dating that actually hinder those seeking a new relationship that could herald a happy, new life.

Myth 1: That you will "instantly know" whether he or she is "the one" the moment you meet them.

Nonsense. It does happen, of course, but most often it doesn't. That's the reality and it's absolutely true. In the matchmaking game you are putting people together who you hope will 'click', but the fact is that we have more successful relationships that develop from couples who expressed doubts about their eventual long-term partners (with whom they're very happy) than those who thought instantly that the introduction would work.

Put another way, the simple fact is that you don't hear all those stories about women or men who thought they had found the perfect partner on that one night they found them, but things didn't turn out after all.

It's a Hollywood dream that is about as real in most long-term relationships as a Kadashian. Long-term takes more than just that famed chemical reaction. So don't go wasting good men - or women - by thinking "there's nothing there".

Myth 2: "I haven't met the right person?" Well, how do you know? The fact is, maybe you actually have met the right person but are so focused on someone else who may be non-existent or even some obsessive-compulsive concept stored in your brain's hard drive that prevents you from that person hiding in plain sight.

Everyone dreams of the Mr or Miss Right and they may be Mr or Miss Beside You Now. You need to open your eyes and be able to receive signals that may change your life.

Myth 3: "It will happen when the time is right". Right? Wrong. It's true to a limited extent in that you may not interfere with something that you b elieve Should happen. But by "waiting" for the "right" time you can actually destroy the very process by which you may be able to meet someone.

The idea of dating successfully is to be receptive to situations and to put your head and heart in the right place. Don't work on the basis that some third party will virtually permit you to find someone. That way is the wrong way.

Being able to put aside the myths of dating and relationships permits you to properly deal with the opportunities that will doubtless come your way to permit a relationship to develop that is fulfilling and fun.

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