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Drag Queens

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Ah Drag Queens.

It really annoys me how they seem to get 'hated' on more than any other group within this society of ours. Spending time with one recently, started me thinking that some of the most amazing people I have met have been Drag Queens. She had quite literally styled herself in the image of the Queen of all things unrealistic and overtly feminine :Barbie. Tanned to the hilt; long blonde hair; pastel make up; a skin tight sparkly dress; massive heels, oh and one cannot forget a big, fake, buxom chest.

She got me wondering why society seems to cast Drag Queens as the ultimate outsiders. The obvious reasoning would be that it’s because the average Joe cannot handle the overt differences of man in drag. But I think it’s more than that. These ladies, aren’t just trying to be a standard woman (barring 18 year olds on the viaduct and hookers; I don’t know any women that dress like Barbie) they are attempting to embody femininity to an extreme. They are so extremely feminine that there is no way these men dressed as women could be mistaken for ACTUAL females (beer goggles aside). The thing that interests me however, is that they’re not trying to be typical women. They don’t want to be typical women.

People however, seem to be SO offended by this fake and unnatural appearance; which is something I don’t understand. Why do certain sectors of society feel uncomfortable in the presence of such majestic creatures? The following theory could hold some weight. Xenophobic attitudes aside, It’s that these ladies act as mirrors. These women are so fake, so very, very fake, everything about them openly tells a lie. These men in drag don’t hide the rituals it takes to transform the appearance of one’s gender, they openly embrace them. Wearing them like a badge of honor. Their appearance seems to say :“Hey look at me, I’m plastic fantastic; every procedure I’ve had is obvious -but I’m fabulous for it”.

Yet society seems to discriminate against them for this honesty. They are the only group that wear this fakeness on the outside, and as a result everyone else (in general) hates them for it. This is because we don’t have the guts to be as open about the mask we wear. don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting everyone secretly wants to dress up as a Drag Queen. What I AM suggesting is that everyone dresses up to some extent. Whether it be wearing makeup, or pretending that you’re happy when you’re not. One of the uttermost basic social skills people develop, is to put up a wall. To hide the real you from others, or at least aspects of the real you. Fair enough too, it would be psychological suicide to leave yourself completely open and vulnerable all the time. The difference between the average person and the Drag Queen is that we try and repress our fakeness. We even try and hide it from ourselves.

A common qualm for women is being seen without make-up. Highly understandable, as one quite literally wants to put their best face forward. Of course, women don’t actually want to have to publicly acknowledge that they wear a lot of makeup. They want it to assimilate into their being, so upon interacting with others, the fact that they are wearing makeup is not so obvious. The embarrassment for some women of being exposed without makeup, stems from exposing the masquerade and revealing this as a falsity. Drag Queens make evident what most others try to conceal. Basically they do a giant “fuck you” to the saps that spend their lives trying to hide their fakeness from one another. By parading around, in all their plastic, glamorous glory, they expose the masks we all hide behind, for what they really are: nothing but a mask.

Drag Queens have the guts to be completely true to who they are (and I don’t mean genetically), which in many respects and ironically, makes them more real than you or I.

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