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Earth Hour 2009

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

Switch off all your lights because it's that time of year again.  Earth Hour is looming and we all need to spend an hour in the dark to save the planet.

This year's Earth Hour is a type of election and the organisers want one billion people to vote for saving the earth by switching off their lights - as opposed to leaving them on which will be a vote for global warming. The results of the 'election' will then be passed on to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. 

All good stuff. No, really. The climate change issue is raging and what with this global economic climate crisis credit crunch, people can do with saving money by switching off their lights for an hour too. One thing Earth Hour points out is the fact that we as humans have developed far beyond expectation. The cavemen never had a need for an Earth Hour because they didn't have electricity. Sure, they could have extinguished their fires for an hour and saved on wood at the same time, but there was no economic crisis back then, nor was there a resources credit crunch. Wood and clay was free, as was food. Simpler lives meant less worries.  

Today we worry about which newest iPod to buy, what new gaming console to get the kiddies for Xmas, what new car to is best to be seen in and which planned suburb to live in with our wide screen TVs and multiple networked computers, which gym is worth signing up to and which job to work to buy the stuff to keep up with the Jones'. Rather pathetic when you think about it.

Why not go the whole hog and turn everything off. Don't drive. Don't use anything. Go out to your local park with a rug, a few drinks and a bunch of mates and stare at the stars because you might actually be able to see them since the light pollution won't be blocking them out.

Life has become so complicated and it's only going to get more complicated as the wheels keep turning and we keep grinding our bones down to the marrow with nothing to show at the end but a few trinkets. Earth Hour isn't just about switching off the lights and having sex in the dark to curb the boredom of life without power or to pass the time, it's about all participants leading a simpler life, if only for an hour.

Earth Hour takes place on Saturday March 28 at 8:30pm local time, no matter where you are. C'mon NZ, show 'em what you got, or what you've switched off.

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