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Egging You On

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Dyani Ellwood
Dyani Ellwood

It's funny how you hear one random piece of information and then a few hours later you see something on television that relates to what you just heard - mind-reading sort of stuff.

Anyway, it so happened that I was chatting to a friend of mine yesterday and we got onto the subject of eggs - not baby-making ones - the one's you fry up on a Sunday morning.

He informed me that Kiwis are so particular about the colour of their egg yolks - more so than any other country - that eggs farmers in New Zealand have introduced a new means of making them more yellow.

"How and what?" I quizzed him, thinking that it was sounding a bit all too much.

"By incorporating tumeric into the battery hens feed (the majority of the eggs New Zealander's purchase are battery-raised chicken eggs unfortunately) and therein the yolks are brighter.

"What's more", he continued, "is that the farmers actually don't have to include the ingredient on the back of the packet because it isn't an additive/chemical - its a natural ingredient etc, so they can get around it somehow."

I found that piece of information rather interesting, as did my husband when I told him that evening.

What's more, when we arrived home from dinner, we switched on the television to find Petra Bagust chatting away about eggs on her 'What's in our food?" show.

Petra's sourcing and testing only confirmed that indeed our eggs are being tampered with before they even see the light of day.  And the main reason for it is because we (Kiwis) demand 'brighter' eggs - no pale yolks for us Down Under.

It could be worse I guess - at least they aren't pumped with yellow food colouring, but still it is slightly unnerving to know that the next time I bite into my Sunday egg I'll be aware of its 'spicy' add-ins.

Curried eggs anyone?


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