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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

We have all had people who have come and gone throughout our lives. Some have left and we've wished we'd never hear from them again. We might see them on the street and in a second we turn the other way, quicken our pace and pray to god they didn't see us in an attempt to avoid an exchange of menial chit chat or feign interest in what they're up to now.  

Not any more. One of the follies of being GenY is that we have a propensity to stay in touch with everyone we've ever met. Or dated. Or been in a long regrettable relationship with. Facebook helps us with said folly. Now, I don't like to harp on about old Facebook, but this issue really needs a good airing. 

I got a message the other day from an ex-girlfriend. Out of the blue. What really got my goat about it was the utter casualness of it all, like we'd been hanging out a lot recently and she was just sending me a message to say hi, like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Psychotic? Yep, that's why we're not together anymore.

To be fair, I am 'friends' on Facebook with a few ex-girlfriends, those who are great people who I care about in one way or another. We've all been out with someone and afterwards asked ourselves: “What the hell was I thinking?” Yep. It's those people you tend not to keep in contact with. 

Anyway. The message. It was short and sharp. The sort of message that says “yeah, I'm still here and I know you're still here, too, so I took a second out of my life to type this.” It's those messages that really piss me off. What it actually means is this: “I don't really want to spend too much time on you and I certainly don't want to be friends with you.” That is fine with me. But haven't we already had this agreement over the past how-every-many years by not talking to each other? 

I mentioned in a previous blog about the types of people who use Facebook and now I'm thinking I'll have to become someone who is in the Secretive Invisible But I'm Here Group (SIBIHG), those who have their privacy settings turned up to the maximum so people can't search for them. The problem with Facebook is that all you need to know to search for somone is their full name, an idea of what country network they might be in and a vague recollection of what they look like.  

Luckily, I can ignore this message and continue to use Facebook in my usual careless manner because the message sender and I have no 'mutual friends'. But, there is still the possibility that I will receive a message soon asking why I haven't replied. Or, if she's tech-savvy and knows how to find people online, she might very well stumble across this and, well, now that I think of it… I could just send her a link to this in reply. What do you reckon? 

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