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Facebook Is Too Popular So Let's Sue

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

The strangest litigation stories always seem to come from America and this is no exception. A woman is launching a lawsuit against the procrastination-site because it is too popular. I considered suing Facebook myself because it wastes too much of my time, but thought that was plain insane, maybe not.

According to the AFP story found here the lawsuit was filed just this week. Basically, the woman claims she was betrayed by Facebook because it has evolved into an open network. When created in 2004 by then-Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook was designed for uni students to stay in contact after they graduate.

This anonymous woman and her asinine claims prove just how far some people will go to cash in on other people's success. The fact she doesn't like the evolution of the site from its infancy to its current gigantic all consuming cyber presence says it all. Like, evolution doesn't happen over night. Why didn't she delete her account in the early stages of Facebook, like when it first opened up to everyone some three or four or however many years ago. 

But what really stands out is that the woman has been betrayed by Facebook. Surely she must be suffering and hurting as if she had been betrayed in other ways like if her mother told the world she was actually born a hermaphrodite and they chose to make it a her. A person betrayed by a website, something that isn't even tangible. Makes a good case for those who always felt betrayed by the wind from a windfarm or windmill. Yeah, I'd like to sue the wind farm place thing because I was following the wind to find South but the wind was wrong, I was betrayed by it. Please.

There are four other people who are part of this lawsuit, all with their own grievances. One is a photographer and one an actress who both claim the site is “wrongly sharing pictures posted on their profile pages”. The other two are children under 13 who signed up when they shouldn't have been permitted to. 

This actress one is quite interesting. Obviously she isn't anyone worthy of note or else this story would have been further reaching. All celebs have the money to pay a computer geek to set up their profile for them with the privacy settings turned up to the max. And it's not even that hard to turn up the privacy settings to the max. 

So, instead of leaving Facebook or exploring the settings and privacy options is just seems easier to complain and launch lawsuits against it in the hopes of getting rich quick. Actually, I got betrayed by MySpace the other day while researching bands, I wasn't competent enough to find the correct one so I wasted time and energy on the wrong one. Look out Murdoch, I'm gonna sue you.

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