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Family Matters

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

I am shocked at the lack of responsibility in some of the younger parents of today. Why are they not making a total commitment to family values?

Too many times we are seeing young couples who have had unprotected sex then face pregnancy with the choice of yes or no.  There must not be a maybe option.  
I have met, seen and spoken with a lot of people who were in the “maybe” category where they did not change their life to accommodate a baby. If you are going to have kids then prepare to change to a stable and safe environment. Don’t go on partying or ignoring your baby. There must be a balance in your relationship with a young family.
NZ Statistics show over 7,600 teenagers fell pregnant in 2008. Out of 64,343 babies being born last year 4,343 did not have fathers named on the birth certificate. There are nearly 200,000 solo parents in New Zealand.
I do not have children yet but want to, when I have found a partner and situation to settle into. I would do whatever it would take for my child even if I grew apart or cannot get along with my partner. Family is so important.
This comes back to being responsible, being safe about sex, common sense and following through life decisions.   The point I am trying to make here is that if you are planning to have a family then make sure you adapt your lifestyle for the imminent changes to follow. Life revolves around families, growing up, and relationships as fundamentals.
It is not just the younger generation by any means. When the decision of bringing life into the world comes up it is a very serious decision to make. Strong support through family, friends and midwifes needs to be taken.
If you are in a troubled relationship and choosing to go ahead with parenthood, please don’t be afraid to get help from guidance counsellors. Calling lifeline or other support groups act confidentially and can give great help from someone independent from your situation.
Everyone has a different situation but the common factor is to raise a family in a loving environment no matter what differences you and your partner may have as it is your family.      


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