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Five Ways To Save Water And Save The World

Five Ways To Save Water And Save The World

We are very lucky in New Zealand, we have a lot of good, clean drinking water. In fact, we have so much water that we can take it too much for granted. It’s only when you are on a water tank that you are forced to think about how much water we consume. We, at cityhop, try to think like that all the time.

World Water Day (March 22 2009) is the chance for us all to think about where does our water come from and to treat it as a finite and precious resource.

Only 2.5 per cent of the water on the planet is fresh water. Of that 2.5 percent only 1 per cent is available for us all to use. Our planet’s population is currently just over 6 billion. By 2025, it’s expected to be around 8 billion yet it is unlikely that we will have more fresh water.

In the past year. we in Auckland, have used  2.5 million cubic metres less water - that’s enough water to fill over 1000 olympic swimming pools.

What surprised us was that we only drink 5 per cent of the water we use. I’ve always thought it a bit silly that we have such good drinking water being used to wash clothes and flush the toilet!

There are a lot of things we can do to save water. Victoria  Carter, Cityhop’s CEO, is currently looking at getting a Gutterwitch - it collects and reuses water when connected to a water collector. Then she can water her new vegetable garden with it!  The Central Leader (and probably other Suburban Newspapers) has an ad in this week’s paper with a special discount offer for Gutterwitches, water savers and even pea straw to mulch soil.

Five other ways to save money are:

   1. Fix leaking taps.
   2. My pet hate - TURN off the tap when you clean your teeth. You don’t need to waste all that water!
   3. Wait till you have a full load before you do the washing.
   4. Get a rain barrel to collect water for the garden. (and look at a Gutterwitch)
   5. Mulch your garden and potted plants so you don’t need to use so much water.

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