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Harold Camping warns we'll have no Labour Weekend!

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Chris Ford
Chris Ford

 Pastor Harold Camping has come back to remind us that we're not going to have a Labour Weekend! 

Yes, Mr Spoil Sport Camping has said that the world will end at 12 noon New Zealand Time tomorrow (Saturday). Of course, Colonel Gaddafi has already left the planet ahead of schedule but for the rest of us purgatory awaits. 

At least there's some good news for those who stay around - even though it might get a bit hot and hellish - that we should be able to see the Rugby World Cup final on Sunday night. I sure hope that most of our players and Graham Henry have been very sinful (and going to the sin bin occasionally might count in the eyes of God) enabling them to stay on Earth along with most of us for a great game. However, God might have hopefully found the French side to be very virtuous and will uplift them in the Rapture leaving us with the sinful dreg players. 

So, if you're one of the un-saved going to Eden Park on Sunday, remember to take a coat and umbrella for all those big hail and firey meteorite showers predicted. That might slow up play but it will be to New Zealand's advantage.

Seriously though, a message to Mr Camping - all of your predictions are terribly amusing! What will happen if nothing comes to pass tomorrow? What sort of wonderful excuse have you got worked up this time? Will it be due to your mathematical calculations being out of whack? 

I'm going to predict two things. One thing is certain, one is very hopeful. We will still be here on Sunday morning without any hail or brimstone coming down. The Earth and all its people (minus Colonel Gaddafi) will still be here - yes, even you, Pastor Camping! And the All Blacks will win on Sunday.

If both those things come to pass, I will then be able to boast (as will everyone else) a greater prediction success rate than Harold Camping! After that, I am hoping to enter a career in clairvoyancy.

Anyone for a palm reading?


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