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I Love Reading And Writing Rants

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Sabine Schneider
Sabine Schneider

Here's a quick weekend rant about people who wear $300 watches, but grizzle about the price of food.

I can understand the families with three children on one meagre income. It's hard, but still possible, to make ends meet. But I can't stand those poncey urbanites who don't blink at spending 40 bucks for so-called hair-care products, and then make a fuss about a 20-cent price rise for a litre of milk. Wah, cheese is SO expensive. Sigh, we can't afford to buy vegetables anymore. Bloody hell!

Do these people know anything about the work involved producing a loaf of bread or a kilo of broccoli? They themselves wouldn't dream of working for the wages a baker or farm labourer gets. And of course they wouldn't be seen dead in cheap shoes or a Warehouse tee. But somehow the food they shove down their gullet while riding the $800-exercycle in front of the $400-X-Box or having their nails decorated is supposed to be dirt cheap.

Hey you - yes, you! If you think food is too expensive, try this: Get rid of your ridiculous gas guzzler! Don't buy so many clothes. Don't cake your face with expensive make up - it won't make you look better anyway. You also don't have to change the look of your house every five minutes. Food is the single most important thing that keeps you from dying so come off the idiotic idea that it has to be cheap.

I also love other people's rants, here's my fav of the week:

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