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It's THAT Time Again...

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Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee
London - on the list of resolutions again this year
Well, it’s 2010, so I figure another year has gone by with me achieving possibly three out of a potential eight resolutions.
How does this happen, year after year? It’s like having too many vodka and redbulls- you know that it’s going to end badly, but somehow you do it anyway.
My resolutions this year are, in theory, to learn French, join a Zumba class (just because I’d rather humiliate myself in front of others than in front of the mirror at home), and actually go to London instead of talking about going to London (this has happened three years running, so I figure I’m due to actually leave the country.)
A friend of mine is stubbornly insisting she doesn’t need resolutions.
Apparently, they can all go to hell and she’s not going to live her life dictated by a bunch of inarticulate thoughts and haphazard dreams; if she wants to get something done, then by god, she’ll do it herself and not under the dictates of The New Year. (My friend drinks a lot of caffeine.)
Another friend has gone the opposite route, pulled a Jim Carrey and is currently saying yes to whatever they get asked. I’m putting no identifying characteristics in this blog however, as chaos will undoubtedly reign the minute people know they’ll say yes to everything. This may or may not include jumping off the Skytower; they’re still getting back to me.
I took a survey this week and the gamut is currently running from getting rid of every back issue of Woman’s Day hidden around the house, (apparently doctor’s offices are really grateful if you donate), running a half marathon (this, I have limited or no understanding of, but goes in the nod-and-smile category anyway), eating breakfast rather than two-teaspoons-of coffee-quarter-cup-of-milk-and-hot-water, finding a man, finding a woman, (I know what you’re thinking, but these cases are man seeking man and woman seeking man, so never the twain shall meet. Well, they have met, but...let us move on.)
I also heard of someone vowing to win Lotto (who says gambling doesn’t pay), a personal vendetta to rid the world of every Sensodyne ad ever made, another personal quest to sell exactly as many items on Trademe as are purchased (ha, good luck with that), and a goal to buy a pot plant, take care of a pot plant, and not kill said pot plant for at least 6 months.
Then there are the noble goals of living greener, living better, thinking of others more- Copenhagen achieved a lot of media attention and not much else; the state of the world sucks, generally speaking; it may be the year to start focussing on what we can give rather than what we can get (for some this is a natural state of being; me, I need to be reminded every now and then.)  
Personally, I think where I’ve been going wrong is I tend to loudly and repeatedly state my wonderful intentions for a good two months, forget about them for another four, make an attempt at one or two when someone reminds me, and then descend into apathy when it gets to mid-October and Christmas is practically on the doorstep.
So I've decided I’m going to very quietly and diligently pursue what I want to get out of this year, and have the satisfaction of surprising a few people, not least of all myself, when it gets to the end of the year and I’ve done London, managed not require hospitalization during Zumba, and can parle français comme je suis Coco Chanel, oui?
Best of luck with your resolutions.

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