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Kiwis Can Fly

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

Growing up in New Zealand generally makes a safe, clean, natural & fun lifestyle. It is a great country to bring up kids, provide a good education, travel across the land exploring, enjoy a nice climate, fishing, Wine & Beer (actually my list could go on forever) It is also very isolated away from the main continents in the world. A great tourist attraction with people often coming here and falling in love with Aotearoa & look at moving here.

I think that there are two types of kiwis in NZ. The first are the people who have never left our shores and have only known home to be the land of the long white cloud.

The other type of kiwis is the people who have travelled overseas to new cultures, to try a different lifestyle and explore either on holiday or to relocate.  There are a lot of kiwis around the world and we are fairly easy to pick with our easygoing approachable manner.

I personally went on a working holiday to the UK to work and experience life in the northern hemisphere where it really opened my eyes to how far away and different home is to a big city like London and the way of life over there.  I am really glad that I went to see what it is like in the United Kingdom and the European Union.  When I came back home to NZ I couldn't help but think that we are like at the end of the galaxy and coming home is like going through a time warp.  But, to smell the fresh air of home again is a feeling always to remember.

So why do most of us go and some never to return?  I know that we are isolated in the South Pacific (Sorry Australia) I feel a lot of people come here to get away from the world where I think it works the other way as well where we go to get away from our world in NZ/AUS. If we are to venture away we feel we have to make the best of our time as it is a long way back home if you travel beyond the Southern Pacific realm.  There can come a time in your life where it just feels right to adventure into the new unknown world.

I think that New Zealand is a great place to live and grow and it is also important to travel around and see how beautiful the country is and how each region is quite different.  I like the way that we can always call home NZ and travel to other countries and be respected as Kiwis, we have a good reputation among foreign countries & I do believe it is due to our laid back nature.

I recommend that no one be afraid to leave NZ as there is strong kiwi support worldwide and you know what to expect coming home that the country will still be green, clean and fresh for if you return.  It is a big world out there to explore.

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