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Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas For The Hard To Buy For And Person Who Has Everything

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

Christmas shopping is hell at the best of times; December brings out the worst in people as they become rude and seem to forget about everyone else except themselves. The crowds become unbearable and the roads teem with drivers who can't seem to reach the speed limit or decide which destination they wish to reach as they swerve all over the place in a confused stupor.

And to make it even harder, if you're shopping for someone who has everything or is hard to buy for the frustration compounds with haste.

I personally pride myself on gift giving, for example. I once bought a boss who was leaving a bread steel bread bin. My boss was an editor at a music publication I contribute to and he was at a stage in life where renovating his house took all his time and attention. The gift went down well with recipient and still gets talked about by current colleagues. Another time I bought a friend a clear plastic bowl with hollowed out sides. The idea is to fill the sides of the bowl with your own decorations ie coins, coloured paper, dirt, whatever.

Alternative Shops

These places are great because they're not chain stores. They're the sort of store you generally don't enter because it appears a touch kooky, hippie or weird. But take a deep breath and go in. They are usually filled with all sorts of stuff from all over the world. There is generally incense burning and soft tribal music playing. You can find ornamental stuff like a children's metal drum or statues to animals, elves and dragons (not for everyone obviously). There are practical items such as shoulder bags and even jewellery. But look close ad pay attention to the multitudes of stuff scattered everywhere because that's where you may come across the perfect find.


Even if the person you are buying for likes modern or ultramodern furniture take a look in an antique store anyway. Stuff like cuckoo clocks and hat stands are classic, have loads of character and do well in all sorts of surroundings in a house. Even old telephones, ashtrays on stands, record player tables or the odd comfy chair can be a talking point.

Charity Stores

The Oxfam shop is pretty well known and all of it's stock is made by people of developing countries under a fair trade agreement. Coffee to bags to toys and everything in between can be found. Also, you buy someone in a developing country an animal or a water well for a poor community. Pass the card onto someone who has everything and they'll gain a sense of charity, something we all can never have to much of.


Usually the haunt of young adults who have just moved out of home or indie music kids or hipsters. You can find clothes from times gone by. If you're creative, maybe pick up an old pair of jeans, give em a wash and get some clothes paint and write a message or paint a picture on them. Then perhaps find a nice frame and you're done. Now the person who has everything really does have everything.

The Joke Gift

Designed to be fun or funny, not to mock or suggest something. Generally a small/cheap toy will do the job. Someone doesn't like gardening, get them a kids gardening set. Someone doesn't like cooking, get them a kids popcorn maker or snow cone maker. Someone who likes music, get them a kids piano or small plastic drum kit. If you're buying a gift card for someone who is hard to buy for, pair it up with something like this so the recipient has something more to open than an envelope. And if done right, can be heaps of fun.

Make It Yourself

Like the jeans idea in the Op-Shop section. Make something yourself and then add to it. Draw a picture and put it in a frame. Make a decorative tree out of wire and put it in a pot with. Sew, write, paint, draw a gift.

For the more adventurous, make a short film, everyone has digital cameras these days. The film is especially good if you're dong a gift for a friend or relative overseas who you haven't seen in a long time. It also works will with the hard to buy for and person who has everything. Write a script and then cast your mutual friends or family in the film to play the roles. Doesn't have to be good, but make it fun. There's heaps of free programs out these to help you put it all together. Best bit is, you get to hang out with friends and family to make the gift AND you don't have to battle the masses who are out wasting money when a film like this costs nothing but is priceless.

Don't want to be on camera? Write and record a song. It doesn't have to be great, just fun. Get friends or family on board. No instruments? Make noises with everyday house hold items. As long as someone can hold a beat and someone else wants to sing, then you've got a band. There are heaps of free recording programs out there online to help you piece your masterpiece together.

Some of the ideas need more time, but hopefully they're helpful and give you more ideas for next year or for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries.

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