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Last Supper

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Sabine Schneider
Sabine Schneider

The other day I revisited one of Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks where she talks about what some prisoners on death row order for their last meals. It made me think. What would I want to eat if I knew I had to die tomorrow?

Not a pleasant or likely scenario, but it’s a thing people sometimes talk about – a bit like what we’d do if we’d win the lottery. Or what we’d take to a desert island. Of course, the lottery would be infinitely more useful. And what’s the likelihood of having a whole island to yourself?

So I thought about my last meal for a long while – I’m a chef, after all, I breath food and have the world’s cuisines literally on the tip of my tongue. In the end I even discarded Italian childhood favourites, such as spaghetti with a sugo Bolognese, as well as my beloved Moroccan chicken stew.

Instead I discovered a desire for simple pleasures rooted in my gran’s way of scraping that last bit of meat off a pork bone with a bird’s beak knife in her greasy hand. She would smile at the bone and at me saying “Aren’t we lucky to have such food!” She never understood my brief stint into vegetarianism. Considering the quality and amount of food she had during and after the war I knew where she was coming from, but I was seventeen and didn’t know the meaning of “I’m starving”.

Okay – here’s my last supper:
Entree: Fresh tomato soup with dollops of semi-whipped cream, heaps of snipped chives and a little piece of freshly-baked white crusty sourdough bread.
Mains: A pork chop* and slices of sour Boskoop apples, all gently fried in sage butter. Served on a lumpy buttery mash of Agria potatoes.
Dessert: Apple cake from Brittany with whipped cream.
What’s your last meal?
* preferably free-range organic pork - it tastes better, more piggish, so to speak

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