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Let's Go Planking!

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Chris Ford
Chris Ford

The planking craze has really taken off.

It began in Aussie (where all larrikin ideas tend to originate from) and has spread globally. To those who have been living in a cave over the last month or so, planking is where a person lies diagonally across an object, mainly one which is very difficult to mount and try and stay there for a few seconds or more. Of course, in the world of planking, verification is required through the planker (or is it plankee?) being photographed in the act.

While it has sadly claimed a few lives, most attempts so far have come off successfully (quite literally). Even the rich and famous (mainly attention seeking politicians and members of their families) have done it! Think of John Key's son Max and just last Wednesday United Future MP Peter Dunne on TVNZ 7's Back Benches show.

I have not seen or heard any entertainment or sports stars planking yet (someone will no doubt correct me!) But here is my list of people from the worlds of politics, sport and entertainment who I would like to see planking (even if only for amusement value alone):

  • Don Brash (hasn't he walked a plank before and somewhat disastrously?)
  • Graeme Henry (All Blacks coach)
  • Paul Henry
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Muammar Gaddafi (Charlie Sheen's soul mate)
  • Lady Gaga (crazyness is in her psyche after all!)
  • Prince William
  • Princess Kate
  • David Cameron (British PM)
  • All remaining Arab dictators plus Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
  • The Marketing Manager of Wellington International Airport (for proposing the Wellywood sign)
  • The Highlanders marketing team (for that awful green jersey idea)
  • Pastor Archbishop Pope Brian Tamaki
  • Phil Goff
  • Pope Benedict
  • President Barack Obama and the entire First Family
  • The Queen and Prince Philip (now that would be interesting!)

Another thing - how long do any of you expect this planking craze to go on for? I remember other fads like roller skating, bottle top collecting, disco and flash mobbing which lasted for varying amounts of time before they petered out. I have yet to see a fad last more than the blink of an eye in this social media age!

That's why I say let's enjoy the planking craze while we can!

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