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Lock, Stock And A Two-Year-Old Smoker

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Dyani Ellwood
Dyani Ellwood

A two-year-old Chinese boy has been labelled the world's youngest 'known' smoker after his father admitted he kicked-started his son's habit.

The boy, born with a hernia, lights-up a pack a day to help relieve the pain he is in, says his father.

(I'd like to know what exactly is in those cigarettes that's easing the pain?)

And like many children around the two-year mark who throw tantrums when not given what they demand, this little boy proves he is just like the rest - waving his arms about, screaming and throwing himself on the floor when he's refused a cigarette.  (It's a tough life for some!)

Surprisingly, the Guiness Book of Records isn't prepared to accept the two-year-old's daily fix, on the grounds that  it 'promoted a harmful habit' - (you think!)

After last weeks Belgian tattoo drama, this news hasn't come with much surprise, afterall, it isn't the kid's fault, it's to do with the generation they spring from, right? 

Anyway, I must admit it's common pratise for toddlers to want to put things into their mouths - I heard my own two-year-old spouting out a few tunes on my husbands duck caller earlier today (and he was pretty good).

The obvious difference between my Kiwi boy and the Chinese dragger is that mine is exhibiting a love for the outdoors and manly traditions - like shooting ducks, and the only thing the Asian culprit is killing, is well, himself.

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