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Is Love Enough?

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

Relationships are only as complicated as what individuals make them. I say Individuals as when two people attempt to become one union it's important to remember that you maintain your own independence. When you are single you feel liberated and in need of finding yourself again. I wonder sometimes if love alone is strong enough to keep a relationship alive?

So what do I mean by "Is love enough?" Well, it can be the hardest thing in the world trying to create a healthy, lengthy relationship for a lifetime. Love is built up over a time that cannot really be measured as it comes naturally from the heart. When you fall in Love it can be blinding to some of the things that are obvious to you when you are single. Whoever said "Love is blind" is a genuis. It makes sense as you are running automatic to your partners wants and needs. Even the craziest of loyalties are kept in relationships based on love as you want to hold on to it for as long as you can as you never know when things may end.

Okay this is all confusing as this is how I feel about Love. When you go through a relationship where you finally decide that you will marry and throw all of your cards down on the table (with another ALL IN moment) and your head & heart finally agree. But finding out that love alone is not good enough to save your relationship is a hard pill to swallow. When things are not right in a relationship it is of the upmost importance that you communicate to each other so if there is anything wrong or upsetting then it is out in the open. Especially if your are making a lifelong commitment.

There are many people in relationships out there that are not happy as they try to survive off love alone. You have a choice and a mind to speak up against any violence, discrimination, abuse and adultery. There will be no fear of not being loved again or finding love or a healthy relationship again as time is always on your side. It upsets me to hear about people who are in a loving relationship but suffer in silence. There are so many good people that you can talk to for help.

I think that everyone has the right to let love go if it is not for the right reasons for both parties as going on in life battling away can really eat you up inside. Of course I am being very general as there are so many types of loving relationships. What I really want to put across is that love is not enough to keep a relationship if you are suffering and not happy with the situation. It takes a really brave and courageous person to speak up when something is not right. Your whole life will change as you need to do what is right for yourself.

Now, don't go breaking up now everybody! I'm wanting to give this advice to the people who are hanging in there, not sure of if the love will carry them forward despite all the bad things happening. Is love enough to keep things going? You have a voice, heart & mind. Don't ever be afraid to use them.

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