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Low Fat Or Low Carb Cookbook Options

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Mark Tregoweth
Mark Tregoweth

Australian Women’s Weekly, 501 Low Fat recipes, Southern Publishers

Australian Women’s Weekly, 501 Low Carb recipes, Southern Publishers

Lose weight, look good and feel better, it’s a message thousands of books and magazines promote but few fail to deliver.

Whether you’re counting calories or carbs, reducing fat or increasing the amount of protein you consume, the task of losing weight can be far from easy.

When it comes to a diet, preparation, planning and knowing what you can and can’t consume are essential steps in shedding kilos and changing your lifestyle.

While lettuce leaves, meagre portions and routine recipes may have been the backbone of diets in the past thanks to the Australian Women’s Weekly test kitchen, fresh flavours, sweet treats and cool concoctions are on the menu today.

In an effort to beat the battle of the bulge the Australian Women’s weekly delivers two books with two vastly different positions on weight loss, 501 Low Fat Recipes and 501 Low Carb Recipes.

For those who need to reduce their fat intake, 501 Low Fat Recipes dispels the myth that low fat foods taste foul.

The book begins as it intends to continue with an informative look at low fat eating.

Straightforward tips include, choosing natural foods, successful shopping, downsizing portions, drinking water and regular exercise are included.

Divided into six sections, breakfast, light meals, starters and soups, mains (divided into six chapters that cover every food group, seafood, poultry, beef/veal, pork, lamb and vegetarian), desserts and low fat parties, every preference and personal taste is catered for.

In breakfast, the recipes range from easy to prepare to family favourites and re-defined fry-ups.

If a cuppa and a muffin sound like a great way to start the day, opt for either a blueberry muffin or a date muffin with as little as 0.7gm of fat per muffin.

Anyone with a taste for a fry up won’t go hungry with the classic fry up reinvented as roast garlic mushrooms with crispy ham.  Oven roasted instead of fried, with added flavour from garlic, fresh herbs and onion, this mouth watering meal is served on served on toast in time for brunch.

Salads, pizza, wraps, frittata and sandwiches lead the way in light meals while every thing from simple salsas to sensational soups steals the show in starters and soups.

Carrot and lentil soup with caraway toast is set to one of many recipes set to keep dieters on track while the hearty pea and potato soup can be prepared and cooked in only 40 minutes with each serving containing only 1.8gm of fat.

For the main event everyday ingredients are transformed into easy to prepare dishes that will impress the toughest appetite.

Fancy fish and chips, well for a meagre 1.8gm of fat you can enjoy oven roasted fish and chips and take care of your waistline at the same time. If crispy chicken is more to your taste sample the balsamic glazed chicken breasts with tomato and basil couscous and there will be no going back.

Sweet treats aren’t off the menu either, in the desserts section of the book chocolate brownies, cheese cake and tiramisu is all on the agenda in recipes that have faithfully recreated favourite recipes with less fat.

Completing the selection, Low fat parties provides a range of quick and easy low fat recipes to serve when company calls.

Comprehensive and packed with appeal, 501 Low Fat Recipes provides a fresh focus on low fat cuisine.

For a low carb alternative to cooking, look no further than 501 Low Carb recipes.

While Dr Atkins once ruled the roost in the low carb revolution, today a balance of vegetables and nutrients can be part of a low carb eating plan 

The book starts with a list of low carb foods and their total carb’s per serving, an introduction and explanation of the principals of low carb eating and the potential for weight loss.

Divided into three main sections, Losing weight fast, losing weight slower and maintaining weight, the book provides easy to follow ways to reduce carbs and lose weight.

In, losing weight fast, recipes have been devised with no more than 12 gm of carb per serving. Eggs Florentine, smoked salmon and roasted vegetables, lead the way in tasty breakfast options while fish cakes with herb salad and stir fried cauliflower Choy sum and snake beans offer something different for lunch.

For a slower approach to weight loss and a higher dosage of carbs, losing weight slower offers up to 25 gm of fat per serving. Salt cod with chilli and tomatoes and herb and mustard seasoned beef fillet put the zing back in dinner time. For snack and appetisers before dinner try the chorizo cheese puffs and lime and soy chicken wings.

While the recipes minimise carb consumption in differing degrees one thing they don’t do is skimp on flavour. Rich in their use of ingredients each individual meal is designed to be easy to assemble, quick to prepare and relatively affordable, a world away from the excesses of early low carb books.

Triple tested by the Australian Women’s Weekly test kitchen, recipes have been designed to offer something for all levels of expertise from beginners to experienced cooks.

While many books and magazines promise, lose weight, look good and feel better, The Australian Women’s Weekly opts for fail safe recipes and a fresh approach to low carb and low fat cuisine.

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