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Magda Szubanski - Still Foxy 12 Months On

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Magda Szubanski - Still Foxy 12 Months On

Magda Szubanski celebrates a year of being at her goal weight

Much loved comedian and actress, Magda Szubanski is quite literally jumping for joy as she celebrates a year of maintaining her goal weight. Magda continues to be an inspiration and motivation for thousands of Australians who have closely followed her journey and are keen to follow in her much lighter footsteps.

Eighteen months on and Magda has lost more than a quarter of herself with Jenny Craig and her life is a dream come true. Magda has been a catwalk model, a cover girl, travelled overseas without the humiliating extending seatbelt, fitted into skinny jeans, loves playing ping pong for fitness and simply feels absolutely great in her 'new' body.

Gradually Magda is learning to make peace with food instead of being tormented by it. "I have learned the will power to say no (enough of the time) to foods that sabotage me, in fact, at times, I would actually say I'm indifferent; indifferent to chocolate ice cream, indifferent to chips, indifferent to quiche Lorraine. I never thought that day would come."

Since shifting the unwanted 25 kilos with Jenny Craig, Magda has essentially had to develop a new 'me', by overcoming previous bad habits and making room for new ones. While some people can essentially remember what they were like before piling on the pounds, Magda can't.

"It takes time, support, imagination and creativity to become a different person and actually grow into a new person. Learning new eating habits is slowly becoming second nature to me. Practice makes perfect and I'm slowly, but surely getting there."

Maintaining weight continues to get easier for Magda, but it does, at times, present its challenges. Magda has had moments where she has fallen off the wagon, but she knows now how to recognise these times and get back on track. "That's the beauty of Jenny Craig and having a consultant - instead of being defeated by those challenges you can work through them and beat them."

Amy Smith, Jenny Craig Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand comments: "Magda is an incredible person, talented, inspiring and profoundly thoughtful. And she, like most of us, wants to live her life the way that makes her happy and free from the constraints that come with being too heavy. We are so proud of her and her courage to face the habits that were holding her back. With our support, she can move into a healthier and happier phase of her life and keep going."

Top five tips from Magda:

1. Never say never - it's about learning that less is more, not giving up all the things you love altogether.

2. Don't give up! Nobody's perfect. One small set back isn't going to destroy all your good work. Learn to recognise the signs and seek support from your consultant to get back on track.

3. Set yourself realistic goals. You may never be Twiggy, but you can be a much healthier, happier version of your former self.

4. Remember - food is not your enemy. Overtime, you will learn to beat the eating monster and have a healthier relationship with food.

5. Just do it! Every month, week or day you put it off ultimately delays where you want to be.

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