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Making A Buck on the Internet - Reviewstream

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Rebekah Joy
Rebekah Joy

There are a million websites out there for freelancers on how to make a quick buck writing on the internet. Some of them you have to pay for, some of them you join for free, some are rip offs, some you have to bid on.......its a jungle out there!

If your like me, a stay home mum who wants to make a bit of cash inbetween sleeps, burbs, nappies and puke then there is one really good website that I can suggest. only pay $2.00USD per article but they are fast and easy to write. There is a set formula, and once you learn it then reviews are accepted readily. Basically the more times you use the word "I" then the more likely it is to be accepted. Be aware of the BULK RATE, this is when a review doesnt hold much apeal and they only pay 40 cents per submission.

* The most important thing: No plagiarizing. Do not try to make a few quick bucks by copying someone else’s review and trying to sell it here. It will only get your account banned. Any part of the text that is not yours but cut & pasted from somewhere else will be detected.

* The second most important thing: You must write for Reviewstream exclusively. This means that the reviews you submit CANNOT BE PUBLISHED ANYWHERE ELSE, not even on your own website. If you have written a bunch of reviews for some other place and you think of re-submitting them here, DON’T. Reviewstream does not want duplicated content.

* Do not re-use parts of your own old reviews. Even if you are reviewing very similar items, each new review must be a fresh, original piece. Do not cut & paste parts of your old work, Reviewstream views this as self-plagiarizing.

* On to more specific things. Each review begins with the title. Selecting a proper title is not at all hard: all you need to do is to put in the full name of the product/place you are reviewing. Avoid vague titles like “Night Creme” or “Good Inexpensive Hotel.” Be specific. “Nivea Visage Wrinkle Reducer Night Creme” and “Plaza Hotel in Paris, France” is what Reviewstream wants.

* Location. If you are reviewing a place (restaurant, hotel, water park), include its exact address in your review, it is very helpful for the reader. If you do not know the address, make an effort to get it. Usually, you can easily find the address of any business in online yellow pages.

* Your thoughts and opinions are what makes your review especially valuable. The readers like to see exactly why you liked (or hated) the particular product / place. Did you enjoy the quality of the soap but not the scent? Tell us so. Do you think there was too much bad language in the movie? Write about it. Was the waitress exceptionally helpful and polite? Don’t forget to mention it. You don’t have to write a very long review, but be specific and make sure to share your opinion. Dont forget about the friend option. If you recommend somebody to reviewstream you can make money from them by adding a referal link......erm my link is add me and I'll add you!

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