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Mixed Dating - What Paul Henry Helped Us With

Rosie Bowie
Rosie Bowie

When Paul Henry made is inappropriate remarks about the Governor General and made fun of an Indian surname, he also alerted us to something else - a trend we've definately noticed at Matchcompany and which is the growing trend towards mixed marriages and, of course, 'mixed dating'. 

The Paul Henry comments were clearly unfortunate but the fact that someone of his Gypsy descent, talking with a PM of Jewish descent about a kiwi who is of Fijian Indian descent is something that certainly illustrates the true nature of our society and what it takes to be "a kiwi" these days.  

 Statistics New Zealand don’t provide detailed information about ethnic intermarriage although we all know that it is not only common but doubtless increasing, just as as ethnic inter-dating is.  Further, there’s nothing to suggest that this trend in New Zealand would be any different from what is happening in Australia, the UK, US, or Canada.

 We've noted an increase in clients actively seeking partners from different ethnic groups and this is something of a two-edged sword.  On the one hand it shows that they have thought carefully about the sort of person they are looking for, but it also holds the potential risk of being expectant of certain ethnic 'characteristics' that may or may not be accurate.  People with overly embellished expectations - no matter what ethnicity they may be dealing with - are riding for a dating fall.

Our advice is to not hold expectations that can lead to disappointment.  People date others from other ethnicities with great success, but it is usually because the couple connect at a human level beyond just the barriers or characteristics of a particular racial group.  The old dating rules still apply, regardless of whom you may be dating.  Just be true to yourself.  And your partner.


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