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The Mother of All Inventions - A New Mothers Diary

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Rebekah Joy
Rebekah Joy

Excuse me while I type - quickly - in a hurry - I have my four month old son on my lap, jiggling up and down, typing one handed. Which brings me to my new idea for an invention (they say that new mothers come up with some of the best new gadgets - out of sheer desperation).....I'm asking santa claus for a keyboard that I can use one handed...if there isnt one, i'm going to patent it (but have you seen the costs of patents?) and make a fortune. 

While im there I have some other great ideas for inventions. a carpet that is vomit proof (also good for teenagers I heard)...I want a dummy that doesnt pop out (surely there must be one of those?) or a dummy that I can tie on the little bugger (it says not to on the packet but .....).   I also want to invent an arm that you can tie to the cot so the baby can feed itself in the middle of the night (also a big no-no in the baby books). 

I would also like to invent a baby monitor that doesn't skip frequency, like my angelcare one (on windy days I can hear my neighbours hard at it). Perhaps I could also invent a baby prozac and we could take it together, or is that wrong? I would also like to propose a sleep clinic where you and you baby could drop in for a sleep. A good sleep could mean less battered children. Ok I’m not a mad scientist – just a woman in need of some sleep (and maybe one or two less hormones) but some of these are generally good ideas! A lot better than some of those crazy Japanese ones I have seen.

If you doubt the power of woman, I’d like to mention you some of the most useful inventions around. Windshield wipers, Twink or liquid paper and the Barbie doll was unfortunately invented by a woman also (really?!?)

On second thoughts perhaps some of my ideas aren’t quite as useful as the ones listed above (especially Barbie)……Ahh well back to the old drawing board. But they cant be as bad as some of these.......

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