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New York, New York

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Adrian Musolino
Adrian Musolino

A friend rang me this week to find out how my travels in New York were going and they asked me to describe the scene around me. I was in a back alley, rubbish bags piled on the side street, the stench only rivalled by the smell of urine, constant honking from the cabs and empty construction sites and abandoned buildings around. I loved it though. 

It’s hard to pinpoint that one thing that makes New York magic. 

It’s not always aesthetically pleasing and it can drain you with its constant pace, but there is a buzz about the city that few places have. 

There is so much to do see and do and these are just the tip of the iceberg, the touristy things that most will do including the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Central Park, Times Square etc.  

For mine the standout was the Met, the Museum of Metropolitan Art on 5th Avenue that juts into Central Park. It stands head and shoulders above the rest of the museums that make up the famous mile and it is easier to get lost within the expansive halls of the museum than it is in the park it sits in or the enormous city its located in. 

But losing yourself in the Met is half the fun. 

In every room you uncover some treasure, be it an artefact from Ancient Rome or a stunning piece of modern Art. 

But it’s not only the huge amount of ‘to do’ tourist attractions that mark New York out as a great city. 

It’s everyday life in the Big Apple from the hustle and bustle of the streets, the experience (and it is an experience!) of riding in a yellow cab or coming across markets and stalls that seem to have popped out of nowhere. 

There are holes and side alleys all over this city and the majority of them contain treasures, a great bar, a stunning boutique store or an unexpected experience. 

Among this chaos are the endless lines of tourists, easily spotted as the ones constantly looking up at the giant buildings that hover over them to the locals who take it in their stride, knowing full well they are living in the capital of the world. 

John Lennon, an icon of the city, said, “If I’d lived in Roman times, I’d have lived in Rome. Where else? Today America is the Roman Empire and New York is Rome itself.”

Like Ancient Rome, it isn’t always pretty but it’s still magic.

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