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No News Is Good News?

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

Are you sick of being told by journalists or by somebody else what the news of the world is? I believe that the time has come for the news to be presented in a new way.
The reason I want to bring this up is because I feel the news is an important part of our day. I don’t want to turn on the news everyday to see carnage, despair, poverty, disaster and political treachery. I can’t even remember one day in my life where I watched the news to find all is good. So what does this mean? We all thrive off bad news? We live to know that it is worse somewhere else?
I think there could be a new way to deliver the news, for example you could have no opinion on the matter that you are reporting on for a starter. So the news watcher can form their own judgment based on the facts reported. Too many times I watch someone else’s overview and wonder what about the other side.
I am someone who would like to know the news selectively. Imagine if you could skip all of the things that you did not want to know about.  That is the main reason I am so fond of the internet. You are in complete control on what you want to learn about as it is happening in real time. (Not having to wait for on the hour updates) Twitter is a great tool for following news companies as they give a short 140 character description and a link if you want to know more. RSS feeds are also very clever as you can bring the news to you as it happens subscribing to the news that you want to see/read.
I don’t think the Internet is the solution but it is a way to filter down content if you find the right websites. Some of the News companies are not too biased that broadcast on regular Television. I am just sick of the way the media companies manipulate the message to be their own. I believe everyone is entitled to their own mind whether the news is good or bad.
The future of the news is interaction with people voicing their own opinion without the prejudice of media writers, journalists, publicists and what not. That’s why the radio is such a great media to debate news stories in passing comment. I wonder what is worse the newspaper or the TV?
When will the Television news be presented in an untouched fashion with all the facts of both side of the story shown? Or is it just me and my imagination? At least like all news ... If we don't like it we can just turn it off!

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