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Note To - Don't Stock Sick Paedophile Titles EVER Again!

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Chris Ford
Chris Ford

Note to - don't ever stock sick paedophile titles ever again!

No publication (and I don't want to repeat the title - it would just give the book more publicity than it has received already and is entirely sickening)  should ever have been written in the first place. In a sad commentary on the world today, though, some sick author (I can't be bothered  to even mention him) has written a how to guide for all wannabe paedophiles. I realise that titles like this are available on the underground paedophile circuit and that there are websites that these people can visit too. Just writing this is making me feel nauseous!

As a doting uncle, I can't think of anything worse than child sex offending. The vast majority of people the world over feel repugnance at the very mention of any form of child abuse. So it should be, so it should remain. But I cannot grasp why a tiny minority would think this is acceptable behaviour. I understand that in some cases paedophiles have been abused themselves as children. They have no understanding of the hurt they cause because they have not received the help they need to see themselves as victims. However, I am also aware that the vast majority of paedophile victims don't go on to offend in the same way.

That's why I am all in favour of supporting child sex offender rehabilitation programmes. The successful world leading STOP programme, run out of Christchurch, has been successful in treating child sex offenders. In saying this, I also believe that child abusers who refuse to engage in rehabilitation (such as, for example, former Christian Heritage Party leader Graham Capill) or those who pose a high risk to the community should be locked up indefinitely.

Therefore, books like the one being promoted by simply invite paedophiles and pederasts to think that their lifestyle is okay and that their so-called 'alternative' sexual choices should be affirmed. But what child sex abusers don't get is that their offending doesn't take account of the fact that children can't consent and they can't understand adult human relationships as they are only getting to know their own bodies. Pushing kids into any kind of adult behaviour is abuse. Kids are entitled to grow up as kids - innocent and free. has done the right thing - but how much damage have they done to their brand in the meantime? Time will tell.

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