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One Year On

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

Man, time flies don't it? This time last year I posted my very first blog for Voxy and in this past year I've had a few interesting comments on my posts. Before I get to the “Top 5 Comments Of The Year” let me just say that I'm well aware that I'm probably the least popular blogger on Voxy and the fact I keep getting paid for this is more of a mystery to me than anyone else.  

All Women Are The Same

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From SkyLynne, Fri 20/03/09 13:27

“Perhaps the problem is that this opinion column - (I don't think it can rate as an article as it contains no facts) is based on flawed assumptions. 

Just the opening paragraph for example - 

"Women constantly complain that all men are the same. If all women are saying this then it's obvious that all women are the same."

(This btw, is known as a sillygism - for somewhat obvious reasons.)

Which women constantly complain that all men are the same? I don't know any women who make that complaint, and I know quite a lot of women. Mostly they're all talking to both men and women, about far more interesting and significant affairs than this.

So should this read, "Women I know constantly complain that all men are the same?" Or "Women that other men I know, know, constantly complain that all men are the same?" 

Either way, it can hardly be backed up as a fact. Is it meant to be funny? If so, I've lost my sense of humour.

I'm not convinced that my remark (which stands, btw) about your "underlying bitterness" is addressed by your referring it on to another person who has given you the benefit of their opinion.

"All women get grumpy once a month and take it out on their partners."

Presumably this is a dig at women's menstrual processes and the stress which they can cause. I'd like to see a statistical match with how many refuges there are for the men who have the grumps "taken out on them" as opposed to the refuges for the women whose MEN get grumpy - oh I don't know how often - once a day? once a week? And what's their excuse? Lost at the rugby?

As soon as you generalise, especially with a group as large as a gender group, you're in trouble.

All men think with logic? 

I notice you're sounding pretty grumpy - have you got your period dear?

If you make outrageous statements, expect outrage. (I'm not, btw - I'm just mildly amused and very slightly saddened - on your behalf, believe it or not.)

My personal wish, is that all men thought with humour!” 

This comment is gold for many reasons.

“Presumably this is a dig at women's menstrual process...” well duh! You're quick off the mark! You should be runner.  

“My personal wish, is that all men thought with humour!” So, you wish all men thought like me?  

This comment shows how people don't understand humour and jump the gun far too quickly. Let's move on. 

Interislander Didn't Float My Boat

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From Interislander, Fri 03/07/09 15:42

Hi, Nigel from Interislander here.

“It was interesting to read your blog. I would like to make a couple of comments if I may. Firstly, what your money got you was travel across the Cook Strait, at far less than the cost of a flight (and incidentally, only one sixth the carbon footprint). We have taken your comments about the reclining seating on board, although it does vary between our ships (from reading your post, we guess you were on the Aratere, which has the tightest spacing but is still far more comfortable than most planes).

It was a pity you could only watch the flat screen TVs (the Aratere has four, incidentally). The sun deck is very popular when the weather and visibility are good, which is most of the time. In fact, the Aratere is my personal favourite for cruising through the beautiful Marlborough Sounds.

The coffee in the cafe is dispensed from an automatic (and very sophisticated) machine, so apart from pressing a button there isn't a lot to do. However for a little more (currently $3.80), you could have had a personally made espresso from the fo'c's'le bar. And these are very good - the match of anything in a Wellington coffee shop. In fact, Interislander cabin attendants were placed first and second at the recent Wellington Culinary Fair coffee making competition.

We wont be sending you a bill, our fares are very affordable and fully inclusive after all. I hope you will be travelling with us again, and the sun shines on the viewing decks!


Look, I'll admit right now that this post began as a simmering annoyance in my mind, then due to maximum heat derived from anger, it boiled over and the resultant blog is what you see. It's all about the coffee thing. I don't care if the coffee “is dispensed from an automatic (and very sophisticated) machine”, if I'm going to pay money for coffee, more than usual, then I'll expect it to be poured for me. And I don't consider myself stupid, hence why I didn't pay extra to have the coffee poured for me! 

The Hitchhiker's Fear About Hitchhiking 

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Before I mention the comment for this post, I just wanna let you all know about 'Anonymous'. He/she commented three times at almost regular intervals: 11:02, 11:13 and 11:19 all on Tues 30/06/09. It's obvious 'Anonymous' didn't quite get the extreme paranoia some of us might get while travelling.

From Dallas, Sat 27/06/09 7:34

“I picked up an old woman once who said she wanted to be dropped off at the cemetery, because she was going to dig up the bones of her ancestors in preparation for World War III. I always wonder how that turned out for her.” 

This comment is gold. It exemplifies hitchhiking. Those who hitch and those who pick up. Now, not all of us who hitchhike are crazy and preparing for WWIII, but we are almost “crazy” in the fact that we're willing to leave our lives in the hands of a complete stranger to get from point A to point B. But then again, that is the beauty of hitchhiking and the thrill of the unknown.  

Please Don't Wear Leggings

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From gotalife, Fri 17/07/2009 9:23

“Typical male.....does not know what he is talking about with issues he is so far removed from ie. he being a male. Look beyond the appearances dude, although in this case, if picture posted is current, think more facial hair for men are way out of date with yellow worn, best likely pulled off by more preschoolers. And headwear.....well speechless really.....

Hence legs (shapeless and all) of the female kind

Please Do Wear Leggings!

as is ever so warm and comfy.” 

I'm not entirely sure about the meaning of the first sentence here, so we'll just put that in the too stupid basket. This gotalife asks me to look beyond appearances but then has a go at the pic of me. Sure, I have facial hair, I wear funky hats and a yellow shirt. What of it? gotalife is obviously a scorned legging wearer, and you know what, it's obvious she is a dumb sheep fashion follower with nothing constructive to say.  

The War Against The Chaser

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This is a funny one. There are two equally great comments on this post. Gotta love 'em!

From Anonymous, Sat 06/06/2009 2:22

“Your(sic) a moron if you think this acceptable behavoiur (sic). Maybe someone should give you a terminal illness and see how funny you think it is then.”


From Jimbo, 06/06/2009 3:09

“I don't care about the sick kid comments in the Chaser episode, they where fine, but you on the other hand, are a cock...” 

By now I must seem like some sadistic freak who loves abuse, but you know what? You can tell a lot about people by the way they express their dislike. For some strange reason during this past year I've been the victim of some truly ridiculous comments. It's not that I intentionally go out looking to stir the pot (well, a minority of the time I do), I write what I wanna, but somehow people don't like, well, umm, perhaps the truth. Sure, it's the truth as I see it, but isn't that what blogging is about. These comments are what blogging is about. Roll on another year of blogging!

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