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Pedal To The Cloth

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

You gotta love a product recall and as they say, the bigger the better. Toyota in the US is recalling 3.8 million vehicles due to faulty floor mats. Seriously. When I first heard about the recall I initially thought it was another one of those jokes you hear about Americans like how when cruise control was invented the Americans thought it meant the car steered itself.

Basically the floor mats are being recalled because they are removable and could cause the accelerators to get stuck. Check out the story here. It got me wondering. How come for so long we've been buying floor mats for our cars and all this time it has been a safety risk? And whenever you watch Police 10-7 the speeding culprits never tried the excuse that their floor mats were stuck under their accelerators when explaining to the cops. I guess it's because the culprits were too stoned or drunk to think straight or speak coherently. 

This isn't the first time Toyota has come across a problem with their loose floor mats. In 2007 the US the company had to recall a number of their accessory all weather floor mats for their Camry and Lexus models. And they still haven't learnt. But who hasn't learnt? Surely we all know how to use a floor mat and make sure the top isn't crumpled up near the pedals, surely not everyone is stupid.

What will car manufacturers have to recall next to safeguard them from litigious Americans?  Power windows that don't provide power and have no power socked to plug things into? Sunroofs that don't let the sun in on cloudy days? Sure I'm being facetious but when a chance to make a quick buck is involved, people will think of anything. It's like that Seinfeld episode when Kramer tries to sue because his coffee is too hot. Or that other Seinfeld episode when Kramer tried to sue because he smokes in his unventilated apartment and his skin begins to deteriorate. Those episodes aren't just jokes, they're almost a biographical piece on money hungry losers.

Pretty soon everything in America will have a warning label. “Don't watch your new TV for any more than thirty minutes at a time”, “This recliner is best suited for ultimate comfort and relaxation, but we advise you do 10 minutes of exercise after every hour of sitting” and “Don't do this jigsaw puzzle if you suffer from poor eye sight, arthritis or RSI”. 

I just hope the recall doesn't happen during the car races down at this end of the world coz we all know crashes are what make a good car race and anything that increases a car crash can only be good.

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