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Put On Your Valentines Day Dating Hat . . Now!

Rosie Bowie
Rosie Bowie

Valentines Day draws near.

And every Valentines Day, or thereabouts, we get some emails or calls about what people should do to make the day special, or to take advantage of the romance of the occasion, or who just want to start a new relationship.

It really is an opportunity to make some moves that might not otherwise be easily achieved.  And for men in particular its an opportunity to open a door that might otherwise have been closed.

When you're looking at something special for Valentines Day you really need to think outside the square if you're looking to stand out and make a difference.

You want to be someone special, right?  You want to be seen as being a bit creative? Romantic? Special?

And you don't want to spend a whole lot of money.

So you don't have to do the dinner date.  You can actually achieve some inexpensive and memorable Valentines Day occasions that go well beyond the conventional dinner date or champagne breakfast.

I liked an article I saw recently that recommended things like an offer to clean the lady's house or flat.  Something like that shows a little imagination and generosity of spirit that can accomplish a great deal.  It also, literally, opens some doors and is something you can try with those who you know a little already.

Theatre tickets were another good one and using a good, preferably light play is an excellent way to provide a little cheer on the day.

If you want something special and memorable by way of a Valentines Day card, why not make one yourself, using clips from pictures and other mementoes of your thoughts about the other party.

What about a digital card that you put some effort into.  If you don't know the other party particularly well, try and make something that's got some originality and personality that you can forward by email.  Combine it with a creative invitation some place quirky.  You won't be forgotten for it and you probably won't be rejected either.

What about a voucher offer for something special - provided in handmade form or digitally again - for the house clean, the bread and cheese evening, the meal preparation.

The key with all of this is to think a little about who you want to impress and do something that will make yourself stand out as someone a little special, funny, romantic and sincere.

So start now.  There's plenty of time.  Put on your Valentines Day thinking cap and make it a day to remember - maybe for the rest of your lives.

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