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Reduce Emissions And Have More Money

Reduce Emissions And Have More Money

People all over the world are recognising the damage driving their cars is doing to the environment. Car share addresses this significant environmental issue and results in reduced carbon emissions from less driving.

The transport sector accounts for nearly 20 per cent of green house gas emissions and these gases are dominated by carbon dioxide from fuel combustion. New Zealand has to acknowledge the impact car ownership is doing to the planet. 88 % of these emissions are from cars on the road. And its not trucks doing this- domestic transport is the largest source of CO 2 emissions.

We love our cars – according to Sustainable Living we have 60 of them for every 100 people in the population. Two thirds of us still drive to work. Why? One theory is that despite petrol edging up to $2.00 a litre car travel is still relatively under-priced and over-consumed in relation to the damage we are doing to the environment.

Most of us have tripled the miles that we drive in the past 20 years. We have become a lot more mobile but it's at a cost.

Communauto, the Canadian car share co-operative has calculated that every car in car share is replacing 8 individually owned cars. Their average members, and there are 17,000 in Montreal, reduces their average distance driven by 2,900 kilometres. That means a reduction of 1.2 tonnes of greenhouse gases , on average, per member, reports a story in the Montreal Gazette.

Zipcar, the US car share company did a survey  on their customer base, and discovered that:

•        40% of their members decided against purchasing a car, or ended up selling their car.

•       Car usage of individual members is reduced by as much as 50%.

•       Members reported a 47% increase in public transportation usage, a 10% increase in bicycle usage and a 26% increase in walking trips.

The other big advantage from car sharing at $15 an hour and not owning is the money saved. On average car share members are reported to save around $6000 a year from car share rather than owning. You don't have the car payments, maintenance, costs, repairs, registration, insurance, parking costs and so on.

Think about it? Are you ready for a green move and to have more money as a result? 

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