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Right On Pride!

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

Every single day is a pride day! Vancouver, BC had its pride day on August 1st. I experienced what only could be explained as a carnival of love and freedom. I spent the day talking to people in the crowds in a festival to really understand about the human right to freely express yourself in a gay community.

Firstly, coming out should be coming in. “Out” is such a strong word that makes you feel like you are going away or that you are out of your shell or even outcast. I like the way coming in sounds. As, you have found your inner self in the way that you see fit in your life. It is important to realise your core values, potential and beliefs. Imagine a world where you can love intimately anyone that you wanted of any sex. Well, Vancouver showed me that the Gay community is in full force with thousands of people celebrating in a family atmosphere.

You don’t have to struggle being gay to celebrate the simple facts of human rights and freedom. Everyone in the world must have this right, the right to choose, the right to love, to be proud of yourself and what you stand for. There is no need to be afraid of what others may say or do as it is what’s inside that counts!

There were over 150 floats in a parade that lasted over three hours. Many of the people who turned up went on to the Pride festival on English Bay afterwards to celebrate. Safe Sex was promoted by the giving out condoms. There were plenty of reputable organisations including Amnesty International, SPCA, Woman’s refuge, Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, Fire, Ambulance and Vancouver Police. There was a very strong element of religion. Many churches showed their support with floats from many different cultures which is very important. You are allowed to believe in God and be Gay.

The support throughout all of the diverse cultures was very apparent. Some of the most significant floats and people marching made statements from complete simplicity. A naked man walked down Robson Street carrying the world globe showing the significance of Pride for all. Newlyweds in civil union same sex marriage showed their love and support by walking in the parade. There were plenty of flyers, discount coupons, badges, fake tattoos, candy, beads, rainbow flags, stickers and drinks being handed out. It reinforced the liberties of promoting and exposing the right to choose your own way of life to love.

The people who came to support the parade were families, friends and loved ones. We are living in a time of celebration with the freedom of expression. I noticed that it was peaceful all day at the parade/festival and the applause from the crowd was tremendous. The sense of togetherness was strong with the straight and gay community. This is the way that it’s supposed to be and the way that it is in Canada. New Zealand has a very strong LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community where civil union is recognised. It has become a global right that is growing each year. We need to live in a world where you can marry the person you love no matter who they are!

Every single day is a pride day! You all have the right to choose who you want to love and how. It is about living in the moment now. Together we can all love as one. Life is for living. Be proud in who you are and never be afraid to express yourself!

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