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Sharing And 7 Other Ways To Reduce Your Footprint


Becoming more ‘green’ conscious doens’t mean huge sacrifices, but it can require a different way of thinking.

It’s only when people don’t have easy access to a car that sharing a car with others makes complete sense say Cityhop’s car share members. Car share is an easy and afforable way to use a car by the hour ( for only $15 including the gas) when you need wheels.

But aside from sharing a car what else is easy to do to reduce consumption?

How about sharing other things - like books, CD’s, magzine subscriptions, even equipment like hedge clippers, power tools. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbours better. Hey we might even go back to those days when neighbours actually helped each other out; for example, cutting the hedge, taking turns of mowing…

Idea 3. More on this borrowing - remember the library! Public libraries have great books, in good condition, CDs, movies, books on tape and librarians love giving you ideas on things to read.

Idea 4 Do you have a major purchase to make? Think about renting or leasing instead.

Idea 5. What about talking to your friends to get a buying co-operative going. You’ll save a lot of money, you can take turns, its friendly, and you will reduce trips to the shops and get healthier and better quality produce.

Idea 6 What about only buying a paper when you are going to have the time to read it? Or read it on line so you can waste less.

Idea 7  Here’s a great tip - when you can’t choose between 2 items  - which has the least unnecssary packaging. And don’t forget to carry those recycling bags ( like your cityhop member bag) wherever you go.

Finally, We think big congrats to The Warehouse, New World any shop that is charging people for plastic bags. May you prosper and pass it on.  It’s so easy to say No to plastic and it’s not hard to carry recycling bags around with you. Don’t forget when you join Cityhop, we give you  a abg to re-use, recycle and reduce your rubbish.

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