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Is Silence Golden?

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Scott Newman
Scott Newman

What do you say to someone that you would like to get to know better when you have been around the person a long time without saying anything for so long now that it may be uncomfortable to strike up a conversation?

Quite often this social experiment arises at times where if you want to talk to the person you are interested in you have to make a considerable effort in environments like public transport, planes, libraries where most people are quiet or with somebody so it can be difficult to come across as yourself in a public place where eyes and ears are all around you.

I am thinking about the opportunities that come up in day to day life as a single person who is looking to meet new and interesting people and how the simplest of places such as supermarkets, parks, gigs, parties are all good places to network and meet new people.

When I was younger I would tend to hang out in social groups with friends who had different interests and would do things together like going to the beach and parties and within this group I would meet more people and then within this social networking would meet someone.  As the group’s filters through with couples getting married or not getting together socially as much anymore. I think that you begin to have less close friends and more acquaintances as the circles become bigger family wise and smaller single wise.

I am annoyed that in single life you have the obvious two edge sword of freedom to socially mingle freely and take your time on finding out what you want if you feel like having a relationship with another person or on the other edge of the sword you are trying hard to find someone special that you feel like you are never going to meet anyone.  That is dangerous as you may miss out on someone really good for you as everyone has different expectations of another. Do people always marry the first person who say "I do" in fear of never been asked the question again?

The more I think about single life and the highs and lows I really do think about the moments that you spend the most time in routine. There are the obvious and more dangerous options of relationships with work colleagues, flat mates, sports team mates where it may work out as long as you are a couple that can handle spending that much time together.  It is important to still be able to have a balance of space for each other.

There is so many good places to meet new people the internet has a lot of social networking websites like bebo, MySpace, Facebook and Oldfriends to name the most popular which are all about building profiles and searching for other people.  There are so many dating websites that personal information is something to be mindful of as your privacy must be upheld for your own well being.

There is nothing to be uncomfortable about being single as there is always time to wait to find the next person to build a relationship with.  Breaking silences is a good start. If you like someone show the confidence in backing yourself to following through keeping good communication to turn a crush into something else.

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