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Something For The Eco-Chic, The Eco-Freak, And Those Wanting An Eco-Peek

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

Tapping into an emerging Global Trend, one of my friends has recently started hosting monthly "Green Drinks" evenings.

A"Global Social Club for Environmentalists", the idea is, Green Drinks are supposed to be an opportunity for people working in environmental fields to get together and network. Something my brother would refer to as "dam hippies." But also, Green Drinks are held because even environmentalists like to get off their pickle and feel the music sometimes.

This comes down to Mojitos, Midori, green food colouring, Guacamole, nachos, and name tags made out of recycled paper (possibly banana leaf).  Typically we're asked to complete this sentence on our name tag: "I try to be green by..."

I try to steal my friends answers by looking at their tags, now on their chests, but it's hard to do this without looking like I'm staring at their tits. Their answers are a bit out of my league anyway: "I work on an organic farm." "I am the sustainability director of a hotel." "I work for a conservation alliance."

I write that I try to be green by "having green friends" and wander off to find something minty at the bar. 

I'm not quite sure how this has turned into an international event, but Green Drinks are currently being held monthly in multiple cities, throughout 49 different countries around the world. In New Zealand alone, you can attend Green Drink parties in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, New Plymouth, Opotiki, Palmerston North, Rotorua, Tauranga, Titahi Bay, Wanaka, Wellington, and Whitianga. If this is the first you've heard and sounds like something you might be keen on, just pop over to to check out the next time and date in the town near you, or register a new city and start your own. The more the merrier!

I realise Green Drinks may not yet be as popular as Double Brown nights, but we're working on it. Since this social club was first estalished in 1989, people have slowly been cottoning on and participating, with different cities advertising Green Drinks with different logos and slogans. Some have coined the slogan "Saving the World one sip at a time." In the Virginia Peninsula region, the Green Drinks logo includes a picture of a sloshed, seedy-looking crab, looking for someone to hit on, and getting boozed on top of a globe. In Chattanooga they invite "the eco-chic, the eco-freaks, and those just wanting an eco-peek."

If you can offer something new and exciting, tell us about it! Presentations, guest speakers, free samples, fresh faces and ideas... all are welcome and always needed. If you're like me and just show up for something to do (or to brown nose) this is just as helpful. Bring a friend, write something dorky on your name tag, and get to know some tree-huggers. Why not? It's in a city near you every month.   

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