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Stars On Her Eyes And All Over Her Face

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Dyani Ellwood
Dyani Ellwood

In world news (yes world news) a Belgian teenager is suing a tattoo artist after he 'supposedly' covered half of her face in inked stars without her permission.

The 18-year-old girl says she 'fell asleep' and woke up with the tattoos everywhere, after only asking for three stars on the left-hand side of her face.

Why this tattoo epsiode has reached 'breaking news' status is completely beyond me, but I guess it does make for lighthearted reading amidst all the recession doom and gloom.

How an 18-year-old can be so naive as to blame 'falling asleep' in the middle of a tattoo proceedure is completely laughable - espcially as the damn thing is happening right beside her eye!

In my opinion there's either alot more to the story or alot less.  Maybe the tattoo artist did intentionally draw 56 stars on her face because: a. she was having a relationship with him, she cheated on him, he found out, but instead of telling her he knew, he dicided to take it out on her face; or b. the tattoo artist was high on something and having an out-of-body experience dancing around in the universe when he got carried away with the star drawing; or c. he got his Belgian alphabet muddled up and swapped the three for a 56; or d. all of the above.

Although I'd like to believe that any of the above reasons were to blame for this tragic, newsworthy incident, I'm tending to lean more towards the idea that she is probably some silly, immature, little girl who had a spare-of-the-moment idea to get half her face tattooed, and when the adrenaline ran dry, didn't have the nouse to think of a brilliant excuse/reason to save her from her ridiculous actions. 

Tut, tut lucky Britney wasn't there, or she may have been dragged off to the hairdressers for an all-over head shave next - then she'd really have something to cry herself to sleep over.

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