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Thailand - What Can Be Said That Hasn't Been Said Before? (Part 2)

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

I almost forgot! Electricity! Doesn't sound too exciting right? Wrong. The powerlines on the streets consist of thousands of thin black cables knotted around each other, and trees, and lamp posts like a puzzle with no hope of ever being solved. It's not uncommon to find locals on ladders up at the mess of wires splicing in even more cables to power their stalls.
Out of the tourist trap areas are the true local markets, some even selling tetnus. That's right; rusty nails, rusty screws, rusty hinges, rusty metal brushes and rusty metal boxes. Strange thing is it seems these market stalls do actually sell thier wares as they are there day in day out. Some sell old computer parts and peripherals from the sort of computers that became obsolete what feels like a lifetime ago.
Chang beer. Its 6.4% and a longneck can cost as little as $1.50NZD from 7/11. Rumour has it that in the brewry there is no quality control which means one bottle could be 3% and the next could be 9%. It's a gamble. Either the rumour is true or its something else but there have been a few instances where I've found myself abosutely hammered off three longnecks (as was the feeling amongst the others who I was drinking with). Then there's the Changover. A normal hangover is barebale as conversation and movement are possible, but a Changover basically means you aint walking, talking or thinking any sense at all until you head back to bed the following night. Stop drinking Chang because of these painful experiences? No. I'll gamble will my liver until it can't afford any more chips. Cigarettes cost about $2.50NZD a pack. They say a pack a day smoker dies young, but with the amount of money I'm saving I'll be able to afford the best cancer treatment ever. 
Thailand's wild life is vast. Sure there are monkeys and mozzies and rats but the main attraction that wont cost a ticket to see is the cat and dog. Stumpy tail inbred cats are of no bother and spend their time on rooftops. The most dedicated catwatcher can have a field day cataloguing all shapes and angles of the tails. The dogs at night are territorial, they sleep in the middle of the road or on the sidewalk in packs of four or five while the traffic and people just don't touch them. Watching the males run is hard as thier elongated scrotum swings their testicals from side to side with such violence it makes any guy wince.

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