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Time Travelling Into The Classics

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

A recent time traveller has caused a stir amongst the academic science world and the dreamer world. This time traveller has appeared in a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film and the story can be found here AND here you can find an extended interview with George Clarke, the man who claims the person in the film is a time traveler, and a science guy.

For those of you who couldn't be bothered looking at the above links, basically this story claims there is someone on a mobile phone in an old 1928 film, The Circus, and this person on the mobile phone is a time traveller who has travelled back in time. There are many points raised in the stories including the fact the time traveller, being on a mobile phone back in the 20's, is a touch odd since there was no other supporting technology back then, no towers and no one else to talk to. George does, however, admit that he said the person who may be a time traveller may not be human at all.

This stuff is totally serious. And I'd like to join the dreamer camp and expand on theories stated.

The first point I'd like to make is that if this time traveller (TT) is real and has mastered the science of time travel then they are obviously smart enough to leave clues for us to find. The TT has left cultural clues by acting how we act today - walking down the street on a mobile phone - which means that perhaps we were meant to discover this person about now. Since the film was made in the 1920's and has been viewed for 80 years, for the most of it's viewing, viewers in the past may not have noticed the person, or in fact noticed the person, but was bemused as to what she was going and thought nothing more of it. The TT is walking down the street on a mobile phone in 1928, we can discount the issues with technology because, if this TT is smart enough to actually travel through time then we can safely say they know how to mime so that we in the present now can pick up on his cultural clue.

So the current technological era is when we were to discover the TT. So why is it today the TT wants us to know about her abilities? See, the thing is the TT could be from any time in the future which means she must be well aware of our lifestyles now as to travel back further into the past to leave us a clue. Which also means that if the TT from the future has been to 2010 then, any film shot recently could have an extra or someone walking around in the background doing something we don't understand and think nothing of it, when in fact she's leaving another cultural clue for 80 years in the future.

So, one possibility could be this TT is just having some fun and appearing in all sorts of movies throughout time doing crazy things. If there are more TTs out there when what sort of clues are they leaving behind? They won't just come out and say they're TTs because, I'm sure they'd want to keep their technology a secret and not want governments taking them into custody just to study them and their TT methods. And, if the TT is an alien then we might all be under the microscope being studied and instead of this incident being a clue it could be more of a test to see how aware we all are!

So, if the TT really is out there, alien or not, then I think humanity really does have something to look forward do. Sure we can't erase the problems of our past but can surely look forward to the future. 

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