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Trade Me - But Be Nice

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Rebekah Joy
Rebekah Joy

Trade Me, what a great website! Having just returned to New Zealand I’m still pretty new to it. I did try to use it overseas, thought I could be a bit  entrepreneurial and send stuff from London to New Zealand. But the boys from trademe had other ideas, they wont let you sell from outside of Australia or New Zealand. So I waited until I returned to see what the big deal was about. I got hooked straight away, people liked my junk! And I liked theirs! I bought all kinds of stuff and got all kinds of great feed back until I bought something from HER.

Dear readers, I may have been wrong here. I need advice, hence the blog. I bought a pouch for $2.50 and wrote immediately to the woman in question. She gave me her bank details and I deposited the money right away. I emailed to let her know that the grand sum of $6.50 had been placed. There was no reply and after a week I still hadn’t received the item in question. So I waited a few more days, checked the letter box everyday.....still nothing. What to do? It was just a $6.50 purchase (with postage) but still......So I emailed her and asked how the pouch was coming along. After a few days she replied. There were no apologies, she simply said I hadn’t sent her my address. Completely my own fault (she was only the forth person I had ever bought off), so I apologized and sent her my address. After a few more trips to the letterbox I still hadn’t received the pouch. I emailed again and politely asked when the pouch might be expected? A few days later she replied saying I should received it on Monday or Tuesday......well I didn’t get it until Thursday....over three weeks since I won the auction.

The pouch was great, exactly as she had described it and a bargain. But I had waited three weeks and sent over 5 emails with little response. Its no big deal, but if you put money into somebody’s account don’t you expect some sort of correspondence? I decided to let it go, but then trademe sent me an email asking for feedback. I mulled it over and decided to give her a neutral face. Neutral means satisfactory right? Not positive, not negative, just in the middle. I explained in the comments so that everybody could see that I had indeed forgotten to give her my address but I just felt she could have let me know or written to me.

In response she posted a negative face on my feedback saying she was gob smacked that I would bother making a fuss over a $2.50 pouch. She does have a point, I didn’t like giving her a neutral face, but I did think that it was fair. Is it just me or is nobody honest? Does everybody post happy smiley faces because they don’t want others to post negative ones in response? And if somebody does give you a negative face just because you gave them one….isn’t that petty? Should I remove the neutral face and replace it with a happy one in order to make her happy? Or should I stick by my guns but feel crap because I decided to be honest? What do you think readers?

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