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The Ugly Truth - Is There More To Men Than Just Chasing Skirt?

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

Lately I have become so disillusioned with men that I am starting to seriously wonder if there are any good ones out there. I challenge any good man to come forth, or forever hold his peace... we need to know they´re out there!

(Perhaps due to my geographic location, or perhaps not) I have lately been surrounded by nothing but cheating men, lying men, men parading their prostitutes around with the wives at home, and men collecting a colourful array of Facebook “friends”… which helps me to understand why someone has created a Facebook group called, “On Relationship Status there should be a “And is cheating with ______” option.

And above all, in general, men do not appear to see any problem with the above activities - unless of course, it is a woman who is showing any sign of sexuality that they deem inappropriate. How does it go? Do as I say and not as I do?

I feel like I am slowly and depressingly drowning in a cesspool of chauvinism. I need hope!

Yesterday I read about a research study that has recently came out of the University of Connecticut in the United States. Female students were asked to watch a video featuring men greeting women and/or making sexual remarks. The study found that women were more likely to take the sexist remark as an insult to their gender on the whole and as a result, feel greater anger towards men in general. This is bad news for men who are actually nice guys - it gives nice guys a bad name too.

I decided to hit up the Latino Master about this study, for a manly perspective, as in Latin America there is a macho culture. He said, “But Dallas, here women feel bummed if they DON´T attract attention and cat calls from the men – they wonder why the guys don´t think they´re hot. Who participated in that research study? Feminists? Women from another culture?”

He had a point. Some women like it. But some don´t. Where do you draw the line?

A friend lent me a movie to watch last night: “The Ugly Truth.” It was supposed to be a romantic comedy. And I was in desperate need of some laughter and romance. But the movie just depressed me even more. The leading guy achieves popularity for being a cynical, macho jerk and basically tries to teach everyone “The Ugly Truth” … that guys are only interested in tits and ass.

He tries to teach this to the leading lady, by taking her clothes shopping for sexy clothes, push up bras, and hair extensions so that she can get a boyfriend. Then she realizes – oh my god – that her boyfriend only likes her because she is pretending to be someone she´s not. Macho jerk feels jealous of her “relationship” and tells her he loves her. Leading Lady is confused. She asks why and he´s like, “Dammed if I know!” They kiss, have sex, and she fakes an orgasim. The movie ends.

That was neither romantic nor funny... I guess... the truth hurts??

Piss it. I´m going into hiding and renting “The Notebook.”

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