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The Waste of waste

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There are so many people thinking about reducing waste and we at cityhop love reading more about people who think a bit like us - how to improve the quality of the environment we live in!

Arthur Potts Dawson is a creative UK restaurateur who reckons that restaurants and supermarkets are the most unsustainable businesses anywhere. He's out to show it's not necessary and he's even creating a sustainable supermarket!

Speaking on TED  he shares his personal vision for drastically reducing  waste in restaurants and supermarkets. He literally has thought of every aspect in his restaurant and how he can reduce waste. One can even order the volume of food one wants to eat at his restaurant as part of his commitment to less waste.

In the TED clip  he explains his general idea of sustainability and how if something so wasteful as a restaurant can function 90% under it’s own power, from mental to kinetic, then the idea should be able to be moulded into different situations, locations, across the board.

Arthur says, it's not possible to eliminate all waste but it is very possible to reduce it. He proves this with Acorn House and a new Project the Water house. He worm farms ( so does Victoria Carter Cityhop's co-founder), he composts, he grows some of the 70 kgs of raw veges his restaurant needs a week. He filters all the water, he has recycled cushions from an op shop on his wooden benches and much more.

25 % of the world's food is lost to wastage and with so many people starving it makes sense to do something about it. Had a look in your fridge lately?

Environmentally friendly businesses are possible and are important. If we reduce, re-use, and reduce and recycle then the world will be a much better place he reminds us!

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