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Where Have Our Manners Gone?

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Adrian Musolino
Adrian Musolino

Where have they gone? Disappeared, in the main at least. Why are we so angry, so impatient and why do we ignore even the most common of courtesies, why can’t we muster up a simple please or thank you?

Working in customer service you realise just how we have lost our way, please and thank you is becoming a rarity, perhaps most disappointing is how people in such industries are looked down on, servitude not being worthy of praise according to some.

Our fast paced, hectic lifestyles are blamed for this but there can be no excuse for treating each other with disrespect. 

And the simple fact is if you treat someone with respect, whether you are a customer or employer, you get a better performance or service. 

In person there is no excuse for a lack of manners but for some, hiding behind a keyboard, they can do away with manners and resort to personal attacks and flame throwing.

Modern technology has empowered us but also given some folk a forum to air their views, no matter how hurtful or unflattering.

In today’s favourite forms of communication, instant messaging, be it SMS texts, Facebook chat, MSN or even the now dated email, there is doesn’t seem to be room for the humble please or thank you. 

In such technology, even a response isn’t guaranteed. 

Imagine sitting across from someone and ignoring him or her?

This is in effect what we are doing when we ignore text messages, emails and the like. Just because the form of communication is different, doesn’t mean we should excuse the need for a response let alone manners, but too many of us are ignoring such common courtesies. 

According to a recent study, social networking sites risk “infantilising the mid-21st century mind, leaving it characterised by short attention spans, sensationalism, inability to empathise and a shaky sense of identity”

I would also add that new forms of communication have further eroded our manners and courtesies.

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