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Who's Racist Now?

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

Cricket season raging and with it comes a whole lotta sponsorships, product placement and advertorials. An Australian sponsor was currently caught out by the Americans for running what they perceive to be a racist ad. That's right, the Americans are pulling others up on racism.

First of all, the sponsor is KFC and the so-called racist ad and story can be found here . Now, correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I'm concerned, Australia never brought black people over to be slaves,  the word 'nigger' didn't originate in Australia nor did the term 'cotton pickers'. Oh, and Australia isn't the home of Disney who in their earlier cartoons, stereotyped characters as black guys like in the 1941 version of Dumbo, you know, them black crow characters. 

Second of all, it is blatantly obvious that these Americans have never ever been to a cricket match before and found themselves in the centre of the opposing team's camp at the ground. What this ad is suggesting is not to shut black people up with fried chicken, but to share a product with  everyone, no matter which team they are supporting, thus creating a sort of unity and respectable love of the sport itself. If you've ever been to a cricket match then you'll know what I mean, you see the other team's supporters and they're cheering their team while you're sitting there wishing it was your team hitting sixes, with your face hidden behind your hand, you just wish we could all just love the sport. And that is where sportsmanship comes into play not only from the athletes but also from the spectators. 

Thirdly, it took an American to point out the racism in the ad. No Australian or Kiwi or Brit would have ever noticed it. Because, low and behold, we're nowhere near as racist as the Americans. Heck, the article even goes on to suggest that an American wrote “Yeah, coming from the same people who almost singlehandedly wiped out the whole race of aborogines (sic). You people are the worst. I've had friends who visited Australia and they told me how it is over there.” in response to the uproar. Australians didn't “almost wipe out the whole race of Aboriginies” it was called the Stolen Generation and it is debatable whether it worked or not. And, what exactly did your friend say about how it is over there? 

Americans should comment on what they comment best about; Muslims, terrorism, money, niggers & cotton pickers and a sport that no other country would ever bother with internationally like baseball.

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