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Working Now. I Am Serious!

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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

If you read my last post some weeks ago you'd have read about my anguish and humiliation surrounding my attendance at what I labeled 'job search school'. I won't recap it but if you're interested it can be found HERE.

The good news is I have found employment. Funnily enough, the employment is not located in my native rural city but in the nearby capital city. I commenced employment a week and a half ago. Whoo me! Incase you're curious, I'm working in the western world's version of a sweat shop; a contact center. It's not an inbound call center but the position description stated I would be responding to enquiries sent in by customers via the company's Contact Us webform. I must call the customer back to resolve their issue. Their issues, from what I can gather thus far revolve around those 'first world problems'. And the company is an airline. Now you get the idea.

But let me tell you this, weeks ago during 'job search school', after my last post, the 'teacher' advised me my task would be to send out resumes and cover letters to nine, count 'em, nine goddamn cafes in a sort of lame-arse cold calling fashion, in hope of gaining employment. The response count didn't bother the scorers. Zero. Zero call backs. According to the local cafe owners I'm not qualified to remember table number layouts and orders. I'm not good enough to carry a few drinks nor am I good enough to speak to someone and ask them what they want. I'm not worthy of a phone call. Well more fool them, as they say.

In this time of hovering economic uncertainty it is somewhat understandable that small rural cafes don't want to invest in someone intelligent and creative, they want to invest in drones with experience (or already formed bad habits) yet an airline is happy to invest in someone intelligent and creative to handle complaints. Strangely enough, neither role requires either asset to be performed correctly.

What I'm getting at here is the fact that, yes, perhaps I was hired during a massive intake of staff and yes, the role is pretty mundane, but it sure beats working in a local cafe for minimum wage. Also, considering I was attending the most humiliating and condescending 'job search school' ever, I realised it was time to go back to what I'm good at and what I hate: talking to customers who are complaining about the most ridiculous things ever.

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